How To Get and Use an Approved Google AdWords Account

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Sign Up for Google AdWords Account

There are two similarly named programs that Google offers to both buy ads and to place advertisements on publishers’ websites. The program that allows advertisers to buy ad space on Google search engine result pages and on the content network of Google publishers is called AdWords. The program that allows content publishers to have advertisements placed on their websites by Google is called AdSense. The two programs are frequently confused due to their similar names and dual functionality.

Getting a Google AdWords account is a relatively straightforward process. Unlike Google AdSense accounts, there is no formal approval process in order to get an AdWords account. However, how you manage your AdWords campaign can affect the speed at which your ads are approved.

To sign up for a Google AdWords account, go to and click Start Here.

At this point, you will be asked if you already use other Google services and have an account already for those. Even if you use other Google products, it is wise to keep your AdWords account and ID separate from any accounts that you have for other purposes. For example, if you have a personal email address that you use with Google Mail, also known as Gmail, do not use that account for your AdWords business. On the other hand, if you use other Google products for business purposes that relate to the advertising you will be purchasing, then using the same account should be fine.

If you do not use an existing account, you will need to create one by choosing a username and a password. Your account will be verified via email. If you want to use the new AdWords user name as an email account as well, you should sign up for Gmail first so that your account is ready and waiting to receive the verification email.

Once you verify your email address, you will need to enter your billing information. This completes the process of getting approved for an AdWords account.

Getting AdWords Ads Approved

Of course, having an AdWords account approved is not worth anything without being able to place your advertisements on Google and the content publisher network. In order to accomplish getting your ads onto AdWords, Google does have to approve your ads.

The rules for getting your ads approved are simple, although Google does reserve the right to deny any ad for any reason. Typically, advertisements for adult services are not permitted. There are also additional restrictions on ads that pertain to online gambling. Ads for bulk marketing are also prohibited. Bulk marketing is a nice way of saying spam and spamming tools or email lists. However, opt-in email lists are usually acceptable. Avoiding these topics will get your ad approved more quickly.

Finally, Google scores each advertisement based on several factors including the headline, text of the ad, and the landing page pointed at by the link. In order to get your first ads approved as easily as possible, begin with your most straightforward ads based around your most directly related keywords. These ads will have fewer tendencies to require extra review.

Once your first ads have been approved, give them a chance to run a bit before submitting your next wave of ads. If the AdSense system does not detect anything out of the ordinary, your subsequent ads should be approved more quickly.