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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a means of getting the content or articles on your web site noticed by major search engines, like Google. You want these search engines to notice your work as the higher they rank you in search results for your targeted keyword, the the more targeted traffic you will receive to your site. Search engines are getting smarter at detecting sites that are spamming keywords or made solely for the purpose of advertising. Building organic SEO may require a little more work, but you will receiver greater rewards in the long run. The very basic idea behind search engine optimization is choosing a targeted keyword or niche and building a site or article around this keyword. Many people debate over keyword density (how often and spaced the keyword should be placed throughout the content), but a general rule of thumb is aiming for your keyword to appearch once every 100 words or so.

Why Choose Organic SEO?

Many people have discovered the hard way that tricking people into going to their web site generally results in a high bounce rate. Put yourself in their shoes. If you are searching for “dolphin figurines” and you come across a site that has nothing to do with dolphins or figurines, you are going to go back to your search and check other sources. If, however, you come to a site that has well-researched information, you are more likely to check out more pages or click on recommended products or advertisements. Providing high quality content that meets the needs of the targeted market will increase your page rank (popularity), page views and ultimately your clickthroughs or marketing sales. There are many SEO tutorials out there, but many are not up to date or use black hat SEO. Black hat SEO employs dirty tricks to receive traffic. A prime example of blackhat SEO would be content-spinning software, which takes an article and spins it into unique–and often unintelligible–content. This could get the site listed for the keyword, but has absolutely no benefit to the person viewing the web site.

Organic SEO uses valid and safe techniques to rank your site for its keyword. This means you do not have to fear your site being banned or sandboxed (de-indexed or pushed far down into search results).

How Do I Learn Organic SEO?

There are many free or paid guides and courses on targeted internet marketing available. Keep in mind that SEO techniques are constantly improving and changing, so you want to find a SEO tutorial that is not outdated. Trial and error is a major part of learning what works for your site. What works for some may not work for you as your site and content should be unique. Interact with other internet marketers through forums and chat programs. Read as many guides and books as possible. You may consider taking an online course from a reputable trainer if you are still struggling.