Using Google Calender for your Task List

Using Google Calender for your Task List
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Make your To Do List

I find it cumbersome to have my calendar and task list stored in different programs. So, I started putting my daily tasks into my Google Calendar. I find it’s easier and less cluttered to treat my task list as its own calendar.

1. Log into your Google Calendar Account

  1. Create a new calendar
  • Click Create in the My calendars box.
  • Name the new calendar something similar to To Do List or Daily Task List.
  • Enter Description, and Location, if desired.
  • Set Calendar Time Zone by first selecting your country from the drop down menu. Then select your timezone from the timezone menu.
  • Share with specific people by entering email address in the text box. This us useful for sharing your business task list with coworkers or supervisors. By setting permissions to Make changes to events, you can allow your project manager or supervisor to add tasks, eliminating the need for multiple emails to assign or verify tasks.
  • Click Create Calendar to save your changes.

3. Set Calendar Color

  • Click the arrow to the right of your new calendar Task List in the My calendars box.
  • Select your desired color for your Task list.

4. Enter tasks into the calendar

Keep track of your daily tasks one of two ways. First you can enter each task as a new all day event. If you use this option, your tasks will appear in the box directly under the date. There are several ways to enter information as an all day event. The simplest is to click on the all day event area of your desired date - the box under the date. Then enter the task in the bubble that appears, and either click Create Event or hit Enter on your keyboard.

If you’d like to schedule the task for a specific time, the quickest way is to click on the time block you’d like to use. For example, if you’d like to schedule the task for Monday between 3 and 4 pm, click in the box where the Monday column, and the 3pm row meet. Enter the task in the text box that appears. Either click Create Event or hit Enter on your keyboard.

If you need to add details, or set a reminder for the task, use the Create Event feature. For details on how to do this, read Adding Google Calendar Appointments with Create Event.

If you use iGoogle, you can use a gadget to place your Google calendar on your iGoogle homepage. Learn how to do this by reading iGoogle: Adding Gadgets.

When you’ve completed a task, mark it as finished by typing a code you come up with after the task name. To do this, click on the task name in your calendar and edit the task name. When you’re finished editing click Save.

Alternately, you can delete the task by clicking on the task name and then clicking on Delete from the buttons in the blue bar at the top.

With Google Calendar, keeping your task list up to date and easily accessible is easy.