How to Edit Your Gmail Address Book: Guide to Managing Your Contacts

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Using the Contact Manager Like Your Address Book

Gmail allows you to create, add, edit and delete contacts as you want and need to make changes. The Contacts Manager in Gmail is like having an address book linked in with a Gmail account. You can enter any information you may need to have for a contact, including full names, physical and email addresses and phone numbers.

Managing contacts in Gmail takes only a few simple steps. Create, edite and delete contacts quickly. You can even search all contacts find certain contact information quickly and without a great deal of hassle.

To create and manage contacts in Gmail use the following steps.

Adding a New Contact

If you need to add a contact to the list, you can create a new one;

1. Click on the red Gmail text under the Google logo in the upper left hand corner. Then click Contacts.

2. Click on red box on the left hand side that says New Contact.

3. Enter any relevant contact information.

4. Click Save.

*Note* Email addresses that are not already in a user’s contact list are automatically added to the list any time the Reply, Reply to All or Forward functions are used. Contacts already in the list will not be added again. Also, each time a message is unmarked as Spam, the address will be added to the contact list so the user receives any future emails from that address in the Inbox.

Editing and Deleting Contacts

If there comes a time when changes need to be made to a contact’s information you can edit the contact using these steps.

1. Select a contact from the Contacts list.

2. You will be brought to a page where you can edit any information about the contact.

3. Make any necessary changes to the contact information.

4. Click the Save button.

If for any reason you want to delete a contact from your list, just select the contact by checking the box next to the name. Then click ‘More’ at the top and select ‘Delete Contact’.

How to Search Your Contacts

You can search the Contact list to find a specific contact without having to browse through every single contact in the list.

1. Go to Contacts.

2. Enter the name or email address of contact in the search box that appears. At this time, the name and address search fields are the only ones that Gmail has available.

When searching for a contact, there are several different ways that the search can be worded:

· Use prefixes.

· Search by first or last names.

· Use domain or user names (ex: if a user searches by enter, the search will return all contacts that have a Gmail address).

Gmail also allows a user to create Contact Groups, manage those Contact Groups and import and export contact information. These areas will be covered throughout this four-part series.

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