Learn about the Success of your Audio Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports

Learn about the Success of your Audio Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports
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Report Overview

The Audio Campaign report works with Google Analytics to show you a correlation between the times the ad aired and the people who heard it, against the total number of visits to the site. The Google Analytics Blog provides you with a screen shot example of what the report looks like. To get to this report, click Traffic, AdWords, and then click Audio Campaigns.

Google AdWords decided to add audio advertising to the metrics and possibilities after research indicating 22% of web users who perform a search after hearing an ad on the radio make a purchase as a result of the ad they heard.

To add audio advertising to your AdWords campaign, visit Audio Ads from Google AdWords.

Making this Report Work for You

In order to properly make use of audio advertising through your Google AdWords account, you must first create and upload your audio advertisement to your account. Once you have uploaded your advertisement and made the necessary payments as per your Google AdWords account, you must ensure the Analytics account is linked to the AdWords account in order for Google to begin tracking the information. If this is not done, you will not be able to analyze the data. To link the two accounts, login into Adwords. Click Analytics. Clikck, “I already have an Analytics account.” Choose the account from the drop down list, ensure the boxes are checked, and click OK. When you accounts are linked, you will be able to start watching your progress.

The ability to link and track this data is meant to help you have a better way to see how your offline to online return on investments are working out. Without something like this report, you will have a hard time knowing how well the radio ad is working to send traffic to your website. The results on this report will help you determine if you should increase radio play, vary your ads, or decrease radio play to make the best possible monetary investments for the best possible results in web traffic.

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