Alternative Ways to Fuel Our Planet

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Eleventh Hour

Each day this planet we live on spins under the present weight of fossil fuel pollution, we lose more time. The days of dreaming about alternative options for fueling the planet are gone. We must act now if we have any hope at all of saving what few unspoiled resources we have remaining; if we have any desire to protect the wildlife and flora that sit precariously on the edge of extinction; and if we dream of passing on to the next generations a world in which to live.

This guide presents articles on the various fuel alternatives currently available for use now. Become informed, act now before it is too late.

What’s Green Got to Do With It?

Going Green is the mantra of the environmentally conscious and those striving to save the planet. Why “green”? By utilizing sun, wind and water as fuel alternatives, pollution of the environment would cease, thereby creating a greener planet. (Flora would thrive, rather than be compromised by pollution of air, soil and water.)

Here Comes the Sun

Solar energy is the most accessible fuel source under the sun (pun intended). The sun shines down everywhere on Earth. Solar collectors have now been developed that are as tiny as a credit card, as flexible as a roll of material and as powerful as any other fuel source. The only thing stopping us from utilizing this amazing source of fuel is ourselves. Learn more in the articles below.

Blowing in the Wind

How many years will it take before we stop using fossil fuels? The answer is blowing in the wind. (Apologies to Mr. Dylan). Seriously, wind power is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels that is available worldwide. Wind farms are springing up around the world in areas such as deserts and mountain tops. Wind energy can be stored for use in homes as well as industry. In fact, technological advances have led to wind turbines that are small enough for individual home use. The following articles tell you more.

Flowing Like a River

The true potential of hydro or water power as another renewable energy source has sadly been overlooked in the past few decades. During the early years of the industrial era, mills harnessed the energy of flowing rivers to run machines that made everything from cloth to machine parts. Is it still possible to utilize hydro energy? Advocates feel it is a plausible solution, yet, opponents worry about the impact on the environment caused by re-routing rivers, damming and placing generators off shore. Read more about the issues as well as how and why hydro power works.

Other Options

We are amazing when it comes to creating options and developing alternatives when problems arise. Some of our greatest inventions were created through the need for something by someone who just tried something new. When looking for new fuel options, creativity reigns. Some of the other possibilities for renewable, green, fuel options include the use of garbage, algae, and vegetable oil to name a few.

Fuels for the Future

As scientists, environmentalist and ordinary people scramble to develop, promote and use alternative fuel sources, pressure is continuing to be placed on governments to take the actions necessary for saving the planet. The bottom line is simple. Fossil fuels are killing people, animals, plants and destroying the air, earth and water. The time for discussing options has long since ended. We must use alternative sources for fossil fuels now. The future of the next generations depends upon the decisions made in this arena.