Understanding Global Warming: Fact, Fiction, & Opinion

Understanding Global Warming: Fact, Fiction, & Opinion
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Just What is the Controversy?

If you bring up the topic of global warming in a random group, chances are you’re going to land yourself in the middle of a heated debate. Even a small comment like “Man, it seems hotter this year than I remember it being in years past” can spark a fiery argument between otherwise calm individuals. To get up to speed on the background to the controversy about global warming and just what the points of contention are, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind both sides of the debate.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Once you understand the different viewpoints involved in the global warming discussion, it’s time to start sorting out the facts. What is currently happening? What are the current warming trends? How long have we been warming up? What do we know about the factors that are contributing to the phenomenon? By getting filled in on the facts, you’ll be better able to sort through myths and opinions when it comes to global warming.

More Facts Leading Scientists to Believe Global Warming is a Threat

It might be easy to dismiss the presented facts as a natural part of the Earth’s cycle. However, there are many reasons why scientists believe that we should be concerned about global warming and climate change.

Um, That’s a Myth!

Now that you’ve read a lot of facts and numbers, it’s time to dispel some of the myths associated with global warming. If you want to know whether something you’ve heard is fact or fiction - and learn what the truth behind the statement is - then it’s important to look into it further. In fact, even if what you hear seems like a fact, it’s prudent to double-check it by doing your own research. For starters you could check the sources cited by the author or speaker. You may find that they are passing on a myth, rather than disseminating factual information.

Solutions to Some of the Problems

So, now that you have a good idea about some of the facts involved in global warming, you may be wondering about steps you can take to help curb the effects and to reduce your carbon imprint on the world. Even taking on board just a few of steps towards living a sustainable lifestyle can help significantly reduce your carbon imprint on the world.