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All About How Our Planet was Formed

The planet Earth, formed through a long and tumultuous marriage of fire and ice. Glaciers slid across continents; volcanoes spit forth lava creating islands, and earthquakes shattered land masses, pushing up mountains. This is a guide to those processes and the landmarks they created.

Endangered Species: Then & Now

We’ve already lost several species to extinction in the modern era. Some of the most recent include the Chinese Dolphin Fish and the White Possum. These creatures didn’t get the media exposure of the Giant Panda and American Bald Eagle and worse, they may have been casualties of human endeavors.

Habitats Quiz: Are You Clued Up About Ecosystems?

It is common knowledge that ecosystems are important, but why are they so important and what is threatening them? Do you know the answers? Test your knowledge about ecosystems and learn more about how humans depend on, and threaten, natural habitats.