Wooden Computer Accessories: SWEDX Eco-Friendly Keyboards, Mice, Monitors, and Cases Made from Wood

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SWEDX’s Wooden Solutions

Wood is the most popular building material in the world but would you have thought of using it to make a computer? Maybe not but computer manufacturers Swedx, located in Sollentuna, Sweden, came up with the idea and its proving popular. The company is now producing custom made computer screens, keyboards and mice using woods logged from sustainable forests in China. They come in ash, maple or beech and of course, they biodegrade, unlike plastics.

Product Line

Since launching the product range in 2007, Swedx has sold thousands of computer components. Though the style maybe retro, the prices are very modern with a 17 inch flat screen monitor starting at around $675, keyboards are around $60 and optical mice retail at around $40. The company is working do develop wooden cases for CPUs. If the wooden computer is a success other computer manufacturers may soon be on the bandwagon, particularly as producers are becoming more and more eager to develop environmentally friendly hardware.

Other Wooden Computer Manufacturers

Swedx is not the only company developing computers from trees. British company, PC World, is producing a recycled wooden computer. The model will use up to 87% less than a conventional computer, running on only 40W. This is largely because the computer does not rely on cooling fans- a big energy drain. The model escapes dependence on fans due to the location of the power pack on the outside of the computer tower. The recycled aluminum casing (made from recycled plastic and soda cans), will further reduce heat build-up. Not only will this cut down on power consumption, it will also make the PC quieter. The casing for the screen, keyboard and mouse will all be made from sustainable ash, sapele or beech, logged in US, Germany and Africa.

PC World is going even further to help save the planet. The PC is about a quarter of the size of a regular PC, so it uses fewer materials to produce. They guarantee that all packaging will be made from recycled materials. To eliminate excessive paper usage, all instructions will be provided on a CD.

This innovative idea eliminates the use of the toxic chemicals used in conventional chemical which pollute the environment and cause potential health hazards such as:

· Cadmium - used to make semi-conductors and circuit boards.

· Lead – used in cathode ray tubes.

· Mercury – used in the manufacture of switches.

If the wooden computer is a hit, this will set a standard for other computer manufacturers. Manufacturers of the conventional computer types will have to consider the importance that saving our environment holds for many computer geeks. This is a good thing.