How eWaste Recycling Helps the Environment by Keeping Toxins from Contaminating the Planet

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Why eWaste is a Problem and How You Can Help

Like most people, including myself, you’re probably wondering what you could better do to help prevent e-waste. With the many sources of information surrounding recycling bombarding you everywhere you turn, it may be difficult to find the right answers. But here is some information to help you understand E-Waste a little bit better.

E-Waste is any un-recycled electronic device that isn’t treated properly for disposal. What this means is that electronic waste needs to be disposed of properly or it can become a source of major toxins that is harmful to our environment. E-Waste consists of any electronic devices that are simply unwanted. These electronic devices could be computers and monitors that cannot be reused due to a defect of the device or that the devices have become obsolete. Also, these electronic devices aren’t limited to computers and monitors; it can consist of cell phones and any entertainment equipment.

Recycling Electronics to Help Keep the Environment Clean

Recycling these electronic devices and understanding exactly how to go about doing it successfully may seem confusing. To better understand where to get the answers is simple. There are several sites that can help. Listed below are two that may get you started on the path to prevent eWaste getting into the environment.

The EPA (The Environmental Protection Agency) website has information on what they do, their resources, and how you can involved. This site may shed some light on EPA’s research and education efforts toward finding better ways to help society have a cleaner environment.

The Apple Recycling Program, which is a part of Apple, Inc., has a purchasing program that allows the buyer to receive free recycling of their old electronic devices when the purchase of one of their computers is made. The old electronic devices don’t have to be Apple computers, they can be from one of their competitors as well. Like Apple, many computer suppliers are getting on board with going green to protect our environment. It only takes a few moments online to find numerous places that offer recycling free or at minimum cost. It’s up to you.