Telecommunication Savings: How to Use the Undress for Success Calculator to Find Out How Much Energy Your Business Can Save

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Calculating the Savings of Telecommunications

With this unstable economy, failing financial institutions, job losses, and worries over the energy crisis many people are taking a look at the possibilities of telecommuting. Single parents and stay at home moms have long seen the value in telecommuting which allows you to be home with your family, set a schedule that fits your day and your lifestyle which makes you more productive, and saves you a lot of money that you would normally be shelling out for gas, lunches, clothes, etc. Instead of paying just to work, a lot of employees are looking at this possibility. So what does all of this mean for employers?

With the growing number of employees looking to telecommute many companies can stand to benefit from substantial savings by allowing workers to telecommute on a part time or full time basis. And since this flexibility often leads to more worker satisfaction and higher productivity you not only save money but you also get higher quality of work and access to a larger employee base that might not be available for traditional commuting due to location, family situations, etc. But exactly how much could you actually save by using telecommuters?

Using the Undress for Success Tool

A new online tool at Undress for Success can help you to calculate how much you will save by simply switching the way that your employees work and letting them telecommute instead of getting caught up in the traditional rat race of rush hour traffic. Using the telecommuting savings calculator you can determine how much money you could save whether using telecommuters on a permanent basis or only a couple of days a week.

This handy tool gives you two choices for calculating the costs that you could minimize by using telecommuters. You can get a simple and quick estimate based on where you live and using the standard assumptions to get an idea of the potential savings you could enjoy through telecommuting. If, however, you are looking for a personalized estimate with a higher rate of accuracy and you choose to modify those assumptions and use custom input for things like the costs associated with a lost worker, number of employees that you could switch to telecommuting, and lots of other factors.

In addition to the money that you can save by using telecommuters, you will also be making a bit impact on global warming by helping your business to reduce the amount of greenhouse emissions since the fewer commuters you have, the less gasoline that is burned. So you can make your business greener while saving a few greenbacks of your own.