Revie: Iconic Notes for iPod Touch

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Iconic Notes

Iconic Notes is a useful app you can use to write little reminders to yourself throughout the day. By assigning an icon picture to each note, you can keep your notes neat and organized.

Design (5 out of 5)

Iconic Notes has to be one of the best productivity apps I’ve seen yet. When your first open it up, you get a blank screen with an icon at the bottom in the shape of a post-it note. Tap this icon, and you get a lined screen on which you can type. You can write your notes bu holding your iPod upright, but when you turn your iPod on its side, the text editor turns too. I like this layout better than when I hold the iPod in portrait mode, because the keboard’s a little more spaced-out.

When you’re writing your note, you can change the font, size, and color of the text. Once you’re done writing your note, you can assign a little picture to it. There are 26 icons available, ranging from simply colored file folders to pictures of babies and flowers. After you pick your icon, you can title it and click finish. You will then be sent back to the blank home screen, which will now display the icon you chose for your note along with the title underneath it.

Convenience (5 out of 5)

I thought Iconic Notes was wonderful. Not only does it load up very fast, it helped me stay organized. I like the fact that you can assign pictures to the notes, because that way, I could remeber what I needed to do by simply glancing at the picture, insted of having to open it up and read the full thing.

One of the great things about Iconic Notes was that you can choose the type of paper you needed to write one. They offer blank paper, lined paper, and dotted paper. The only changes I would make to this would be adding a little doodle fuction, so we could easily jot down a number or address, instead of having to use the unbearably tiny iPod Touch keyboard.

Although the pictures Iconic Notes offers for its icons are very nice, it might be a bit useful if we could crop our own pictures and turn them into icons, but I can live with the icons they give us.

The Bottom Line

If you use your iPod more as a PDA than as a music player, I would definitely get Icinic Notes. It’s much better than the standard notes app preloaded on the iPod, and will help you keep track of your to-do lists easily.