Review: iBlogger for iPod Touch

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iBlogger is a wonderful app you can use to wirelessly update all your blogs, no matter what platform they’re on.

Design (4 out of 5)

When you open up iBlogger, the first thing you’ll see is a menu displaying many different blogging platforms, including Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, and other common platforms. When you select a platform, iBlogger will ask you if you want to set that platform as your default platform. You can say yes to this if you have all your blogson a single platform, because it saves you the time of having to pick your platform every time you feel like blogging. Otherwise, if you have all you blogs on many different blogging platforms and services, you can say no to this.

After you choose your platform, you have to enter your blog address. iBlogger will then prompt you for a password, and you can log in to your blog dashboard. From your dashboard, you can edit and post a new blog entry, moderate comments, and comment on others' blogs.

What I really liked about iBlogger was that they offer you their own rich text editor, specially formatted for the iPod Touch. The buttons are large and easy to tap, and the editor itself doesn’t freeze up, which is a problem with many blogging platforms' text editors, especially WordPress.

Convenience (5 out of 5)

After using this app for a few days, I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with it. The text editor is very easy to use, and the app itself is very fast (depending on your WiFi connection, of course). Once you set your blogging platform and enter in your password, iBlogger erses the time spent on logging in to your host website. iBlogger also loads pages very quickly, so you can spend more time blogging and editing, and less time waiting for pages to load.

I also liked the fact that iBlogger supports less common blogging platforms, like, for example. If there’s a blogging platform you use that isn’t in the supported platforms for this app, you can contact the app designer and they’ll modify iBlogger to accommodate that platform.

Not only is this app great for blogging, it’s also a pretty good blog reader, too. iBlogger automatically formats other blogs so you can read then easily on your screen. Pictures take a while to load, so if your reading a blog, and you don’t particularly care about the images, you can just turn images off, and iBlogger won’t display them.

The Bottom Line

iBlogger is a great and handy app that’s perfect for any blogger. It has a simple user-interface and offers a wide variety of blogging platforms. I give this app a big thumbs-up.