Review Invisible Shield for Ipods: Although One May Baulk at the Price Tag, This Invisible Shield for iPods Lives up to it's Name & Protects Against Scratches & More

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The Invisible Shield

Yesterday, my Invisible Shield for my iPod Nano and Touch came in the mail. The Invisible Shield, from, is a great way to protect your iPod without adding bulk to it.

Design (4 out of 5)

The Invisible Shield doesn’t look like much; just a piece of plastic wrap with a sticky side. When I got it in the mail, I was kind of angry; had I really paid thirty dollars for that? But it was a different story once I put the Invisible Shield on my iPod.

Applying the Invisible Shield was kind of difficult, especially for the iPod Touch. The Invisible Sheild was cut so it could go around every port on the iPod, so you have to apply it perfectly. Even if you’re off my a millimeter, it could cover up half of the headphone jack. I had to rip it off and re-apply it a few times; thankfully, the Invisible Shield is reusable.

Once I had it on, I was very impressed with the way it looked on my iPod– or, should I say, the way it didn’t look. I had expected it to add a little bit of girth to my iPod, but I could barely see it. Many of the other “invisible” iPod protectors I’ve tried out before have had a type of criss-cross pattern on them which attracts glare and makes the iPod look ugly. The Invisible Shield is totally smooth, and instead of creating more glare, the amount of glare on my screen has decreased.

On the iPod Nano, the Invisible Sheild completely covers the entire device with one sheet; even the screen and click wheel. For the iPod Touch, it has two separate sheets that also covered the entire iPod.

Functionality (5 out of 5)

I think anyone would expect the Invisible Shield to rip off when it’s in contact with something sharp. I bought the Invisible Shield after watching the scratch-test video on the product website, and, once I had applied mine, I did a scratch test of my own.

I tried scratching the Invisible Shield with my key (because I often thrown my iPod into my bag, where it cozies up right next to my giant thing of keys), but it made no impression. No matter how hard you scratch the keys just slide off. I ran a knife over the Invisible Shield (but not too hard; I don’t trust the Invisible Shield that much), but it did nothing. So far, the Invisible Shield has stayed on, and my iPod is still completely scratch-free.

The Bottom Line

Although it may look flimsy, the Invisible Shield puts up quite a battle. It’ll protect you iPod from everyday wear for sure, and comes off without leaving any gooey residue. I give this product a thumbs up.