iPod Tutorial: Learn What to Do if Your iPod Won't Charge

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Is Your Computer Awake?

You are all set to listen to your iPod, and the battery is dead. So, you put it on the charger. But, it’s not charging. But, there’s no reason to ditch the iPod for a new one. Here’s what to do if your iPod won’t charge.

Check to see if your computer is asleep. Your computer can only charge your iPod if it’s awake. You may want to check to see if your computer is even on. Hit a couple of buttons on your keyboard to ensure that the computer is responding. Certain Macintoshes can charge an iPod if it’s asleep. But, if it’s not charging your iPod, then wake it up.

Is It Directly Connected to Your Computer?

If that’s not the problem, then make sure that your iPod is connected directly into your USB port on your computer. If you connect your iPod to a keyboard port or USB hub, then this could be the problem. Some of these devices are not powerful enough to charge your iPod. So, disconnect it from this device, and plug your iPod right into your computer.

Do You Have an Apple FireWire?

Look to see if you are using a FireWire port. This is Apple’s IEEE 1394 high speed communications serial bus. If you do, then your problem maybe that you have to many devices connected to it. Your FireWire port can power up different devices that don’t have their own power sources, including your camera and external hard drive.

The problem is, however, if you have too many of these devices hooked up, your FireWire port may not recognize your iPod. But, there are some steps you can take to correct this problem. Remove all the other devices from your FireWire port. Then, try reconnecting the iPod. You do, however, need to use the FireWire cable that came with your iPod kit.

If that still doesn’t correct the problem, and you have a Windows PC, you need to figure out if your FireWire port can even charge your iPod. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Connect the iPod to your computer using the FireWire cable. You may need either a 4 or 6 pin FireWire adapter cable to do this.

2. Look at your iPod. Check to see if your battery indicator light. This light is located in the top right corner of your iPod.

3. If the light is on, then your iPod is charging. If it didn’t, then you need to plug your iPod into the Apple iPod Power Adapter instead of the FireWire port.

Reset Your iPod

If none of these things are working, see if your iPod is locked. If you can’t tell, just try resetting your iPod. This won’t cause you to lose any data. After the iPod comes back on, try plugging it back into your computer.

Try a Couple More Steps

Another issue is that you may have an older version of Windows. For example, if you have Windows 2000, then you’ll need to take special steps, which you can find on the Apple website.

If none of this works, then try buying a new cable. You could have a faulty iPod cable.