About the Sansa Fuze Battery: How Much Life it Has and Your Replacement Options

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Sansa Fuze Battery Life

SanDisk is pretty proud of the 24-hour per charge lifetime featured in the Sansa Fuze battery - but how do you really get 24 hours of playing time out of any device? Let’s break it down.

Music: You can enjoy plenty of music playback, as long as your songs play at 128 kilobits per second. This is a fairly low quality compression, which means you’ll be turning up the volume and potentially damaging your ears. If you listen to music with higher quality compression, such as 256 kilobits per second, you can be certain you won’t see 24 hours of music playback.

Video: SanDisk says you can get five hours of video playback time if you watch MP4 videos with playback rates of 512 kilobits per second and still get 24 hours of music. This isn’t too shabby, especially considering that you’ll be watching on a teensy screen.

However, don’t expect to mix and match your video and music for long. Watch one video, then listen to a few hours of music, and you’ll probably be ready for a recharge. Otherwise, depending on the gigabyte capacity of your model, you’re looking at anywhere between 6 and 24 hours of total video playback time.

Photo: Photo playback is more variable than music or video. The Sansa Fuze is capable of displaying 6 megapixel photos, which is fairly decent for its size, but there’s no concrete time limit for how long the battery will last. The moral of the story: You’re not going to be looking through photos for 24 hours solid anyway, so just glance at your leisure and try not to focus on the Sansa Fuze battery life at the same time.

Battery Replacement

The SanDisk Sansa Fuze battery is replaceable, which makes it an attractive purchase. However, it’s not exactly a pinch to switch out, so if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can probably take it to Radio Shack or another electronics store and pay for its replacement.

The replacement process entails taking apart the device and disconnecting the battery from the inside. It looks like a solid piece of metal with three or four tiny wires attached. The replacement will come with these same wires, which will need to be replaced in the same locations, so keep track of how you disassemble your device.

New batteries often come with a one year warranty, so you should get quite a bit of life out of your replacement. Most battery replacement manufacturers provide online retailers with pictures and instructions of the assembly process, so always refer to these when taking apart your Sansa Fuze battery.

Battery replacement doesn’t set you back too far in costs, either. Some retailers sell it for just under $40, so even though it’s not cheap, it’s better than purchasing a brand new SanDisk Sansa Fuze at twice that price.




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