Top Reasons to Use an invisibleSHIELD Zune 80GB Screen Protector for Your Microsoft Zune

Top Reasons to Use an invisibleSHIELD Zune 80GB Screen Protector for Your Microsoft Zune
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The Shield Explained

You might be wondering what makes the InvisibleShield Zune 80GB screen protector different from cheaper screen covers. After all, isn’t it still just a slip of plastic?

Not quite. As it turns out, the InvisibleShield is equipped to handle tougher scratches, take rougher beatings and prevent “injuries” to the device when dropped. In other words, it’s like Kevlar for your Zune.

According to the Zagg, the manufacturing company of the InvisibleShield, the technology in the shield itself is what protects your Zune. Unlike other screen protectors, which are a stiff piece of plastic, this shield is flexible and able to conform to each contour of the Zune.

Every time a key, screw, pen, fingernail or other sharp object comes into contact with the shield, it disperses and deflects the threat. And instead of harboring the scratch on the surface of the guard, as other screen protectors do, it smoothes out the imperfection, allowing for almost a lifetime of clear, unhindered visibility.

Installing the InvisibleShield

You can install the InvisibleShield yourself on your Zune 80GB device. Of course, in order to avoid covering over preexisting fingerprints or dirt, you should wipe the screen with a soft cloth to clean off oils and grime.

Installing the InvisibleShield Zune screen takes the special InvisibleShield solution. Users will prep their device screens with the solution before lining the protector up with the device screen and laying it over the top. This can get tricky, so take your time and align all of the corners properly before smoothing out the screen for use. The manufacturer offers a variety of specific, detailed instructions, depending on which device you’re using and the user’s preferred installation method.

Once installed, users must lightly blow dry the InvisibleShield screen protector with a blow dryer set to the cool setting.

How You Can Benefit from the InvisibleShield

The InvisibleShield Zune 80GB screen protector is beneficial not only for the average user, but also for owners who work or play in riskier situations. If you’re a construction worker or plumber, the average screen protector is not going to cut it when you drop your Microsoft Zune on the ground.

But with the InvisibleShield protector, your Zune has a better chance of surviving scratches from dirt or tools, getting stepped on, getting dropped or sitting in the same bucket as a bunch of plumbing supplies.

What the Shield Won’t Do

Even though the InvisibleShield is a far more protective option than a regular screen protector or no protector at all, it won’t make your Zune impervious to every hazard. You should still take the typical precautions against the normal dangers.

In other words, you still can’t submerge your device in water, put it through a wood chipper or slice it with a chainsaw. But the InvisibleShield is still a great precautionary guardian when it comes to deflecting everyday perils, such as scratches, nicks, dings and scrapes.


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