A Little Louder Please - Increasing Volume on Sony Walkman MP3 Players

A Little Louder Please - Increasing Volume on Sony Walkman MP3 Players
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Increasing volume on Sony Walkman MP3 players can be made a little easier by learning a few simple tricks to make them louder. Many people have the problem of pressing a switch accidentally on a Sony Walkman and suddenly finding their settings changed. There are many settings in the menu of a Sony Walkman and it’s merely a case of finding where they have hidden them. Once you learn how to access the menu, you will find a host of adjustments you can make. Many adjustments can be made by accessing the menu on this little gadget. Things and settings you thought you had lost and didn’t know how to recover will soon become a thing of the past.

You will learn your way around the inner workings of the Walkman and will once again be able to take control of things that had suddenly changed on you.

Find the Controls

Get the Sony Walkman in front of you and find the Volume button. It can be indicated with a “+” and “-” sign or with a “Vol” sign. The different models may have different signage, but they will all work on the same principle. Some are in plain language others are with symbols. It’s merely finding out which wording they have used on your particular model.

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Turn the Walkman On

Turn on the music to make sure you are turning the volume up correctly. Once you have the Walkman on press the “+” or “Vol” sign. This should increase the sound unless you have already reached the maximum or you have got the limiter on. If the sound does not increase, it could have reached its maximum level. Don’t despair; there are other methods to adjust the sound. The limiter is in place to protect your ears in accordance with the EU however it is a simple matter to turn the limiter off with the menu.

The Hold Button

Depress the Hold button to unlock it and turn it off. Now that that is off you can turn off the system that Sony has installed to protect your ears. It is called the Automatic Volume Limiter System (AVLS). You will turn it off and then on the setting menu, change from “Limit” to “Normal.” Once you have that organized it simple to adjust the sound.

Manual Mode

Logging out of AVLS, or Automatic Volume Limiter System, will lead you to the Normal mode and now you will have an access to the menu settings. Look for the one that says “Preset.” Here you will find settings which say ‘high," “mid,” or “low.” Press the “+” or volume button again. This should start increasing volume on Sony Walkman mp3.


1. If you tried everything and it hasn’t worked, then try to reset or format your MP3 player. This can be done with the help of the software CD you received the player. All you will need to do is connect your player to the PC with the help of a USB cable, just like when you transfer music from PC to MP3 player. Then run the CD and it will open a run software option. Click on it and follow the instructions as asked for.

2. If these things do not work, then visit the Sony care Center. There may be some defect with the software which you may not know about.