What is the Memory Capacity of a SanDisk E 250 MP3 Player?

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SanDisk E250 Memory Capacity Specifications

The SanDisk E 250, also known as the Sansa e250 MP3 player, holds up to two gigabytes of storage. This MP3 player is part of the Sansa e200 series , and as such is designed with ease of portability in mind.

If you’re asking “What is the memory capacity of a SanDisk E 250 MP3 player?” then you might also be wondering what type of interface it uses for navigation. This Sansa device offers clear viewing through a 1.8-inch screen and provides navigation through five small buttons on the bottom front of the device. This device is not a touch screen MP3 player, so purchasing a screen cover is not necessary.

The Expansion Slot

The SanDisk Sansa e250 offers a microSD expansion slot for additional storage. Since two gigabytes of memory is not considered much in today’s world, where many devices boast hundreds of gigabytes in memory, this option is almost indispensable.

Storing more data on a microSD disk in this device also enables you to transfer more data between computers. If you don’t have an external hard drive or USB stick handy, transferring songs and video using the Sansa e250 is a viable option.

SanDisk Sansa E250 Music Capacity

Exact music capacity varies greatly on all devices, especially since manufacturers don’t know if a majority of your music will be played at 128 kbps, 192 kbps, 256 kbps or 320 kbps. With each advancing number, the music file size increases, which means you’ll won’t be able to sync as many song files to the device at a time. The microSD expansion is very helpful in this case.

You can fit more songs on the SanDisk Sansa E 250 MP3 player if they are in WMA (Windows Media Audio) format instead of MP3 format. In fact, you can fit twice as many songs and enjoy twice the playback time per battery charge using WMA files as you could ordinarily experience when using MP3 files.

Users may sync up to 500 MP3 files or 1,000 WMA files to the device at a time.

SanDisk Sansa E250 Video Capacity

The Sansa e250 will accommodate video files; however, with only two gigabytes of storage, users can’t fit very many full-length movies on the device if they still want to carry music with them as well.

If users don’t wish to use the expansion card, the best option is to sync only one full-length movie to the device and replace it with a different video after watching it. Or, bring along one more video on the expansion card along with a little more music. This gives you over 1,000 songs and two movies to keep you entertained.

So to respond to the question, “What is the memory capacity of a SanDisk E 250 MP3 player?” the answer is two gigabytes. However, what you do with those two gigabytes of storage is completely up to you. Fill it with music, top it off with a video or mix and match as space allows.


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