Replacement Zune Parts for Microsoft Zune

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Zune Parts: Batteries

Many manufacturers will tell you that the batteries in many iPod and Zune devices are hard or impossible to replace. But this is not always the case. While some batteries require delicate handling during the repair process, Zune batteries certainly are not impossible to replace.

Zune battery parts can usually be replaced by an expert or a careful owner. Battery options vary by dealer, but the best styles are those whose dealers offer lifetime battery service.

How does that work, exactly? You pay a one time upfront fee for the battery itself. Select whether you want to install it yourself or whether you’d like a technician to install it. You can expect about one year of use from this battery. Once your battery dies again, you can send for a replacement and only pay the cost of shipping. That’s the beauty of a lifetime battery replacement option.

If you aren’t comfortable with the lifetime battery option, or if you anticipate that you’ll upgrade to a different Zune model within the next year, you can always purchase batteries individually. Always check online for deals and offers, such as a one year warranty or free shipping.

Zune Parts: Screens

Screen protectors usually keep minimal accidents from damaging the Zune screen. But suppose you just dropped your Zune on the concrete and your dog stepped on it, cracking the screen. It’s not so easy to replace the screen protector; you’ll need a whole new screen or a whole new device.

If the Zune is still in working order, try just ordering a new screen. Although these can be pricey (some models are about $60) it’s still less money than purchasing a whole new model.

Believe it or not, you can actually install the new screen yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable taking apart the guts of the Zune device, you might want to trust it to the hands of the technician who does this every day. You can send in your Zune, pay for installation and the screen, and you’ll have it back as good as new.

Zune Parts: Hard Drive

The hard drive on your Zune might shuck out after use, or it might slow down drastically after time. Purchasing a new hard drive is not inexpensive by any means, as the average drive might cost upwards of $150. But if you’re not ready to buy a new Zune device, the hard drive can be replaced.

Again, you can replace the hard drive yourself or pay a technician. Realize that doing so yourself is a delicate process and might cause damage to the device that may result in less than desirable results if you ruin something else in the process.

Zune Parts: Mainboard

Is your Zune device not working at all? Does it display quirky objects when you turn it on? Will it refuse to obey commands? Try replacing the mainboard of the device. This will require taking the Zune apart completely.

Some mainboards also come with a replacement battery. If you install it yourself, you might have to replace both Zune parts. Again, asking for help from a technician is always an option.

Surprisingly, the mainboard is not as expensive as other Zune replacement parts, such as the hard drive. You can usually purchase one with a replacement battery for about $100.


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