How to Troubleshoot Different iPod Touch Problems With Charging the Battery

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Well Charged

The iPod Touch includes a whole new range of features that is a major step up for the iPod portable media player, but it also becomes a fair degree more complicated at the same time. Even the most basic features, like charging the iPod Touch’s battery, can take on a whole new series of challenges. There are a number of different technological and software elements that can cause iPod Touch problems with charging, and you may have to go through a few of the possible solutions to troubleshoot this issue on your iPod Touch. Here are a few of the common reasons that the iPod Touch has problems charging and some possible ways of troubleshooting them.

Verify the Power Source

It may seem like common sense, but it is important to verify the power source. Most users will primarily be charging their iPod Touch on their computer through their USB port. It is not uncommon for USB ports to stop working entirely, and you need to also ensure that it is a high powered USB 2.0 port that you are trying to use. If your iPod Touch continues to have problems charging then you should also see if iTunes is able to read the iPod Touch. If not, then this means that the USB port that you are using is not active. If you are able to read the iPod Touch but it still has problems charging then try moving it to another, or moving over to the wall charger when you are not syncing.

You may also not be able to charge unless your computer is in perfect working order, which means that it should not be in hibernation. Make sure the screen is active and it is performing a regular function, which is why performing a full sync at the beginning of your charge is a great idea.

Internal Software Interference

The charging of an iPod Touch is a complex interaction between the iOS software and the hardware itself, so it can be a problem with either one. The iPod Touch can have problems charging if it has frozen, died, or had other interferences. There are a few ways to shock it into its normal functionality, but the first thing you should do if the iPod Touch has problems charging and you have already verified the power source is to hold the refresh and Home buttons for ten to fifteen seconds while connecting it to your computer. This may help it to work, and at least make it more accessible.

There can be various incarnations of this problem occurring and you may want to take different approaches to this. Try plugging it in and unplugging it several times to activate the software, and you may want to just plug it in and restart your computer. All of these methods are designed to reacquaint the iPod Touch with the iTunes software or the charging process.

Hardware Malfunctions

There are a number of different hardware problems that could cause iPod Touch charging problems, and not all of them are going to be repairable. Water damage is always going to be a prime suspect, and if this is the case you need to stop trying to charge the iPod Touch immediately and dry it out. The internal battery itself may have died permanently, and if it is still within a short warranty period you can likely get a replacement. If it has been subject to serious trauma then this is likely not going to be covered by your iPod Touch’s warranty.