What to Do When Your iPod Touch Freezes When Syncing to iTunes

What to Do When Your iPod Touch Freezes When Syncing to iTunes
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The Perils of the New iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch is a major step forward and anyone who has just picked up their iPod Touch will want to sync up their music and apps as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there are a whole number of different problems that can pop up unexpectedly when trying to put together your new iPod Touch. It is not entirely uncommon if your new iPod Touch locks up when trying to sync with iTunes, but there is not a concrete reason that this happens that is true for everyone. Here are a few ways to troubleshoot it your new iPod Touch locks up when you sync it with iTunes.


Sometimes the issue with your new iPod Touch locking up when you sync it to iTunes may just be a simple fact that you need to update to the

newest iTunes software. Now iTunes 10 should be what you are looking at, and if you just bought your new iPod Touch then this is where it should be going. The likelihood is that if you are just now buying a new iPod Touch then it will be the new iPod Touch 4, so that the internal software will already be updated to iOS 4.1. If it is an older iPod Touch you should see if you can get through the primary iOS 4.1 update before you try any initial syncs.


You may want to try to go through the new iPod Touch’s restoration process, which seems counter-intuitive because if it is brand new then there will not be any initial content on it. This may be enough to fix what could be a minor bug or reaction that is happening, but if your iPod Touch cannot even be plugged into your computer without freezing then this may not work.

Restart the iPhone During the Freeze


If it begins to freeze when you’re syncing your new iPod Touch to iTunes, you may just want to try to restart the iPod Touch, which will hopefully not freeze again once the initial freeze has been managed. Hold down the Home button for six to seven seconds making sure that everything that could have still been open is closed. If this fails to end the iPod Touch freeze then go ahead and try to press the Wake/Sleep button at the very top of your iPod Touch. If the iPod Touch’s freeze continues then you can try to go through the entire process of turning it off and on, but once it comes back on it may start the sync to iTunes again and may initiate a freeze again.

Random Issues

The likelihood is that if the standard ways of dealing your new iPod Touch which freezes when you sync it to iTunes fail then this needs to be addressed by calling the Apple help support or requesting face time at the Apple Store. As long as it has not received any physical trauma then this will indicate a damaged iPod Touch and they will give you a new one. Make sure that the USB slot is clean and that its battery is fully charged using a wall charger before you begin, and make the update the top priority if you can.