How to Record from Music File to Zune Media Players: Tips and Tricks

How to Record from Music File to Zune Media Players: Tips and Tricks
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Transfer Music from a CD

Download the Zune software if it isn’t installed on your computer.

Open the Zune software by clicking the icon on your desktop or through Start – Programs.

Click Options at the top and click Rip then click RIP CD Automatically When Inserted.

Connect your Zune to your computer via the USB cable. Open the Zune software and insert the CD into the CD drive. The CD will begin playing automatically. Click the Start Rip button in the bottom right side and it will start to transfer music from the CD .

You can remove the CD when it is finished. Now that you’ve recorded music files to your Zune from a CD, next I will show you how to record music files to your Zune from iTunes.

Transfer Music from iTunes

It is a littler trickier to get music from iTunes onto your Zune. Zune music is saved in MP3 format but iTunes is saved in M4P, M4A or AAC format so you can’t just transfer it. You have to convert the iTunes music into an MP3 format, then transfer it to your Zune. However, there is software you can use to convert the music easily.

Download TuneClone Audio Converter software. Run the installation file to save the software to your computer.

Open iTunes and create a new playlist. You can also use playlists you already have created. Tune Clone will transfer playlists to your Zune software instead of your entire music library.

Open TuneClone Audio Converter. Click the Settings tab. A pop up window will open and you can specify the output folder, output file name format, output format, etc. for the output files.

Open iTunes and select the playlist you just created and click the “Burn Disc” button in the lower right corner. In the Burn Settings window select TuneClon Virtual CD-RW for the CD option drop down list. Select the radio button next to Audio CD and select Include CD Text. Click “Burn” and it will start the transfer.

When the transfer is finished open the TuneClone manager screen to show the converted music files. If you want to see the output folder click the Folder tab on the interface.

Connect your Zune to your computer via the USB cable. Drag and drop the MP3 files you transferred to your Zune then you can sync the iTunes M4P music to Zune.

Your iTunes music should now be on your Zune MP3 player.

Transfer Music from Windows Media Player

You can also transfer music from Windows Media Player to your Zune. It is a lot easier than transferring from iTunes because the files are in the MP3 format you need, so you don’t have to convert them. You only have to transfer them from Windows Media Player into your Zune software, then onto your Zune. You can also delete songs on your Zune if you transfer some over by mistake.

Now that you know how to record from a music file to Zune media players, you can start transferring your favorite tracks so that you can have music on the go wherever you are.