A Look at The Zune Car Pack

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The Zune Car Pack is made especially for owners of Zune players to bring their enjoyment of multimedia content to their cars. It consists of a FM transmitter to transmit music via your car speakers together with a charger which plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet.

FM Transmitter

The FM transmitter which comes with the Zune Car Pack is designed to stream music from your Zune player to your car stereo system through the help of your car’s FM radio. The connection from the FM transmitter to your car stereo system is made wirelessly and that’s a convenient feature as it dispenses with the hassle of connecting wires.

The FM transmitter comes with the autoseek feature. What this means is it would locate an available radio station which would help with the streaming of music from the Zune player to your car player.

Here’s a tip to improve reception. Don’t turn on your car radio player until the FM transmitter has located a clear FM radio station. If you turn on your car radio first, it would prevent the FM transmitter from finding a clear FM radio station.

Cigarette Lighter Charger

You may enjoy the cigarette lighter charger more than the FM transmitter, especially if you don’t fancy streaming music through your car stereo player. Plugging the charger into the cigarette lighter outlet will enable you to listen to your music while charging the Zune player. You would also get to see the LCD display of information of your music tracks while your player is being charged.

The cigarette lighter charger is a device that you should always leave in your car just like your mobile telephone charger. It would come handy when you’re out of your house and run out of battery power for your Zune player and in instances where you don’t have any other charging options.


Although the Zune Car Pack is a boon to owners of Zune players, there are limitations to contend with. Firstly, it could only be used with Zune players. Secondly, there isn’t the AV auxiliary in and out ports and audio adjustment feature among others. Also one would have expected USB connectivity so that other devices could be connected for charging.

Talking about the effectiveness of the FM transmitter, it depends on the location you’re in. If you’re in the middle of a big city center which is crowded with FM radio stations, then you would have trouble streaming your music to your car stereo player. The FM transmitter would be a great device if you’re using in a location far away from the city center.

Despite these limitations, the Zune Car Pack would come in handy for Zune users who often find themselves running out of battery power when they are on the road.