Top 20 Free iPod Nano Games: Download & Start Playing These Addictive Free Games

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There are hundreds of games out already for the iPod Nano. In fact, there are even many free games for the iPod Nano. The games don’t need to be made specifically for the iPod Nano, though; most games will work on both the Classic and Nano versions of the iPod. iPod touch games will not work on the Nano, however. Another thing to consider is that the Nano’s screen is smaller than the Classic’s, so overly complicated games may become difficult to play.

Users can download free games for the iPod Nano from many websites. These sites have large user bases and a robust group of developers, which means there are always tons of new games coming out. Free games for iPod Nano run the gamut from classic, tried-and-true formulas to totally new concepts. Whatever kind of game you like, someone’s probably made a free version of it already.

  1. Peggle. Peggle is a very popular puzzle game, and developers have released many different versions. An iPod version was just released, to great reviews. Peggle is no longer available in the iPod store, but may be found online.
  2. Street Racing 22 Rewards Points. A racing game from developer Zynga.
  3. Zombie Infection. A shoot em up type game where players must kill all the zombies. From Gameloft.
  4. Harry Potter: Spells. Use your iPod as a magic wand to cast spells. Developed by Warner Bros.
  5. Need For Speed Shift. A racing game with multi-player capabilities. Deloper: EA
  6. The Slayers. A role playing game where players can choose from many different characters. Developed by D&Tech7
  7. ADJewels. Puzzle game similar to Bejeweled. Made by Reanimation2009.
  8. GameLoft Sports Pack. A multi-sport pack, including golf, tennis, and basketball. Developer: GameLoft.
  9. Skeeter Ball Bowling. A bowling game from Swartz Enterprises.
  10. Fragger. As the name implies, this is a shooting game. From developer Miniclip Studios.
  11. Fishing Kings. A fishing game developed by GameLoft.
  12. Football Mania. A fast-paced football game. Made by rise uP! Labs.
  13. Backgammon. Based on the classic board game. Developer: Optime Software.
  14. Tap n Pop. Try to burst all the water bubbles before time’s up. By rise uP! Labs.
  15. Zombie Killer Ultimate. A first person shooter made by TeamBlackCat.
  16. iBasket. One of the top basketball games for the iPod. From Ideateca.
  17. Soccer Superstars. Customize and manage a soccer team through a season. Developed by Gamevil.
  18. Vampires: Bloodlust. Play as a vampire, feeding on as many people as possible. From Zynga.
  19. Pizza Shop Mania. Fast paced game where you must manage a pizza shop. From Digital Chocolate, Inc.
  20. Hotshot. Another basketball game, this time from Freeverse.

A Word of Warning

Some of these games may be difficult to install on the iPod. There are several reputable sites that offer these free iPod Nano games for download, like iPod Arcade ( However, be careful. Some websites are just trying to install viruses on your computer. If a site claims to help “hack” a game or otherwise provide free access to paid games, be very wary. Most of these sites are not legitimate.