Review of The 5 Best Microsoft Zune Cases

Review of The 5 Best Microsoft Zune Cases
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Microsoft Zune Cases

Microsoft Zune cases are available on many websites and stores. Due to size differences, iPod cases do not fit Zunes. Buying a case for the wrong music player is a surprisingly common mistake, so make sure when choosing a case for the Zune that the packaging specifically states that it will work with the Zune.

The most important reason to get a case for the Zune is to protect it from scratches, dents, and other damage. Though most cases aren’t specifically waterproof, they may still protect the device in the case of a small spill. Users of the Microsoft Zune can protect their devices by investing in a case, which should keep the device out of harm’s way.

Read on below to find the best Microsoft Zune cases and where to buy them.

1. Speck Dragon Toughskin

This rubberized case comes in one color: black. Its thick rubber skin is dense enough to protect the Zune from falls and scratches. Though it offers some screen protection, the screen is not actually covered, so users may wish to purchase a screen protector as well. For the price - $17.99 on Amazon - though, the Toughskin is a great buy. Works for the 80 GB and 120 GB models.

2. DLO - Philips Genuine Leather HipCase


This case, made of genuine leather, consistently receives rave reviews from customers. The fold-over flap protects the screen from damage, while still allowing easy access. The Zune controls are easy to access and uninhibited by the case. The case is designed to be worn on the hip, making it convenient to transport and saving pocket space. The case has a $29.99 list price, though significant savings may be found using online shopping. Available at Amazon.

3. Crazyon Silicon Case with Armband

Silicon Black

This silicon case is a great buy, with a price of just $8.59 on Amazon. It fits the 80 GB and 120 GB models, and comes with an armband. The armband can be very useful, enabling walking, running, and other exercise while listening to the Zune.

4. Eforcity Silicone Skin Case for Zune 30GB mp3 player


Designed for use with the 30 GB model of the Zune, this case is a very effective design. It is constructed out of rugged silicon, and is padded in crucial places to prevent damage from falls and other impacts. The case does not block the controls, so users can still get the most out of their devices while at the same time protecting them from harm. It is available for just $3.24 on Amazon.

5. CrazyOnDigital Gel Silicon Skin

The final case that makes it on our list of the top 5 Microsoft Zune cases is the CrazyOnDigital Gel Silicon Skin.


Designed for the Zune HD, this case fits the 16 and 32 gigabyte models. It is smooth and stylish, molding to the Zune’s design for an interesting look. The thick skin also protects the device from damage from falls and other accidents. The skin is currently available for a very low price on Amazon.


Microsoft Zune cases can protect the device without blocking its use. The best cases are thick enough to protect against falls without making the player too bulky. They are also designed to allow easy access to the Zune’s controls. The cases listed on this page are extremely popular, for good reason: they work!