Can You Recharge Sony MP3 Players without Using a Computer? Two Cheap and Easy Options

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With USB connectivity for MP3 players, users can easily manage music files with the help of their computers. Music files on their computers can be transferred to their players, music files that aren’t needed can be deleted, and their MP3 players can also be used as a pen drive for data backup in an emergency.

Another useful feature of the USB connectivity is the ability to charge the MP3 player through the computer. All you need to do is plug your MP3 player into a vacant USB port in your computer and just wait for your MP3 player to be fully charged.

With a computer around, it’s easy to charge your Sony MP3 player. But what happens if your player runs out of battery power and you don’t have access to your computer? Can you recharge Sony MP3 players without using a computer?

Absolutely. Here are options for quickly recharging Sony and other MP3 players without the need for a computer, and that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

AC-USB Charger

An AC-USB charger comes in handy, especially if you’re away from your computer. Let’s say you’re on the way to a seminar that you wish to record with your MP3 player. You notice that you’re running low on your MP3 player battery power. With an AC-USB charger, you can easily plug in the charger to an AC outlet and connect your MP3 player to it via a USB cable.

An AC-USB charger is easily available in your neighborhood computer store or electrical store. You should have one with you, if you’re serious about recharging your MP3 player in a no-computer situation. You may even want to get a travel charger if you’re always on the go and don’t carry a laptop computer.

While there are many models out there, the better (more expensive) models offer you better features. These models come with, among others, IC chips that can detect a fully charged battery and switches to power-saving mode to prevent the risk of overcharging and short circuit.

You will also want a model with LED that indicates charging status. For example, the LED is red when charging and green when charging is complete. A decent AC-USB charger will set you back by about $10 (USD).

USB Car Charger

If you’re on the road most of the time and don’t have access to an AC power outlet, you could opt for a USB car charger. The charger plugs into your car cigarette lighter port and you charge your MP3 player as you would charge your mobile phone.

You can easily obtain a USB car charger in an auto accessory shop or a computer store. Depending on the design and the number of USB ports provided, expect to pay between $10-$20 for a decent USB car charger.