How do I Recover Data from My Zune? Software that Recovers Data from a Zune

How do I Recover Data from My Zune? Software that Recovers Data from a Zune
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Digital Media Recovery

Before we get started, you need to download third party software called Disk Doctor’s Digital Media Recovery. This software has the ability to recover lost, corrupt, reformatted MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI music files with a few simple clicks. This software costs approximately $50.00.

Download Disk Doctor Digital Media Recovery software and install. Connect the Zune to your computer via the USB cable. Open the software by clicking on the icon on the desktop or through Start and Programs. The main window will display.

Select the drive that has the files that needs to be recovered. If the drive is not listed click Refresh Drives in the bottom left of the window. Click Next and select the music file types you want to recover and click Next.

The software scans the selected drive and lists all files found. You can double click on a file to preview it.

Select the files that you want to recover. Click Save, the data will be saved in a new folder by name “DigitalMediaRecovery XXXX *” in the selected. You can also burn the data to a CD or DVD.

Recover Data with Glary Utilities

Third party software you can use to recover data from your Zune is Glary Utilities. This application is easy to use to recover lost data. It will recover songs, videos, pictures, etc. It will also recover corrupt files and restore them. Glary Utilities is available for a free download.

Glary Utilities is not used only for recovering data but also has a registry cleaner and tools to manage start up programs, etc. When you open the application, you will have the option to use any of these tools.

Download Glary Utilities and install it. Open it from the icon on the desktop or through Start – Programs. Click the Modules button on the top right of the screen. Click Privacy and Security on the left. New options will open up in the middle. Select File Undelete.

Now you need to tell Glary Utilities where it needs to scan for your data. Select the folder where the data is stored. If you don’t know where it is stored click entire hard drive and click Scan.

Connect your Zune to your computer via the USB cable and transfer the recovered files to it.

Zune Tips

Here are a couple of Zune tips and button combinations you may not know about.

If your Zune ever starts acting strangely, restart it by pressing and holding on the On and Off button for 10 seconds.

To turn off your Zune press and hold the On and Off button for three seconds and pull down on the screen.

Press the On and Off button on the top of the Zune and this will turn on the screen lock.

To go into standby press and hold the Play and Pause button.

To go to the main menu press and hold the Back button.

There many accessories for your Zune and a lot of fun games to play if you want to take a break from listening to music.