Can You Put LimeWire Songs on a Zune? Tips on How to Add Music to Your Zune

Can You Put LimeWire Songs on a Zune? Tips on How to Add Music to Your Zune
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Put LimeWire Songs on a Zune the Easy Way

It is very easy to put your LimeWire songs on your Zune.

  1. Find the folder that holds your LimeWire downloads on your computer.
  2. Once you find your LimeWire music on your computer open your Zune software.
  3. Click Settings – Software – Collection.
  4. Click Add Folder that is located under Music
  5. Find the folder that holds your LimeWire music files and click OK.
  6. Select OK again in the lower right corner when your LimeWire folder is recognized by your Zune.
  7. The LimeWire songs will now appear on your Zune. In addition, if you download LimeWire songs in the future they also will download to your Zune. It’s easy to set up a Zune to do just about anything you want it to do.

Add Music Already on Your Computer on a Zune

You can add music and other media files that you already have on your computer to your Zune.

Connect your Zune to your computer with a USB cable. The Zune software should open automatically when you connect your Zune. If it does not then open it now. Click on Collection settings to upload songs to your Collection. Click Settings, select the Software tab. Click on Add Folder located under Music. Choose where you want to store your media. It will now automatically update media to your collection.

If you want to set your Zune up to have it sync with your collection then click on the Device tab. In the Sync Options menu uncheck the Manual Sync checkbox if it is checked. If you want to upload all of your music files to your collection click All Music located under Smart Sync. If you want to add, individual songs click Music I Choose located under Smart Sync. When you are finished click OK.

Add Music from a CD to a Zune

Put the CD in your computer. Zune will automatically detect the CD and an album screen appears. To rip the CD click the Start Rip button that is on the lower right. At this point, Zune will start to rip the CD. When Zune is finished ripping the CD remove it from your computer. The music will not be added to your Zune until you sync it.

In a few minutes, your music is copied to your library, and you can remove the CD from your PC. The next time you sync, the newly ripped songs get copied onto your Zune. Now you can enjoy your music anytime, whether it’s on your Zune or your PC.

Remove items from your collection

Open the Zune software on your computer and click Connection. You will see a listing of Music, Videos, Pictures, Podcasts and Channels. Right click on the item that you want to remove and click Delete. Now you have some options to choose from. Keep the files but remove them from your collection (this means the items remain on the computer when your remove them from your Zune.) Delete the files and remove from collection (this means the file is deleted from your Zune AND your computer.) Click OK when finished.