Top Free Apps for the iPod

Top Free Apps for the iPod
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1. FourSquare (5 out of 5)

This app is perhaps the fastest growing social networking app for the iPod. It lets you find new ways of exploring your city, find where your friends are, and learn about new places they visit frequently. It’s a great social recommendation site that you can use anywhere, in real-time with your iPod Touch. FourSquare has recently been getting a lot of funding as well as support from major brands. One thing I enjoy about FourSquare and is perhaps also the reason why many are enjoying this app is the cool-looking icons that you get the more information when you check-in and rate different places. If you haven’t tried FourSquare on your iPod, now is the right time to give it a shot. (iTunes Link)

2. eWiFi (4 out of 5)


At first you might find this app seemingly useless. But if you connect to the Internet a lot, you certainly need this app. Basically, what it does is to scan your surroundings and identify WiFi hotspots. It automatically connects you to free WiFi hotspots as well as to those hotspots with WEP or WPA if the SSID of the access points are not hidden. eWiFi is a pretty useful app that saves money when connecting to the Internet. (iTunes Link)

3. Pandora Radio (4 out of 5)


This app is one of the widely used music app for the iPod Touch. It provides you with a free personalized radio that streams to your iPod Touch via WiFi. The app lets you specify the name of the artists, type of songs you want to listen to, or even the composers name, and it will create a station that streams the music based on what you’ve specified. Pandora’s iPod Touch app integrates with your web-based Pandora account as well. (iTunes Link)

4. Google Mobile App (5 out of 5)


If you’re a heavy Google user, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get this app for your iPod. Some of its great features include search by voice, my location, search suggest, search history, contact search, and vertical search. But what makes this app so great is the fact that it integrates other Google mobile apps including Maps, Calendar, Latitude, Tasks, Reader, Docs and more. (iTunes Link)

5. 2010 Guide - Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games: The Official (4 out of 5)

2010Guide Vancouver Olympics

This app could be the best way for you to follow the events of the ongoing Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. This free iPod Touch app is location-aware and gives you real-time results for each of the Olympics sporting events, lists of all sports, ceremonies, and cultural events, cultural Olympiad events, list of free concerts and festivities, schedules, maps and directions to 80 venues, personalized favorites and other Olympic news. If you want to know the latest happenings in the Olympics anytime, anywhere, go get this app on your iPhone. (iTunes Link)

6. Movies by Flixster (3 out of 5)


Movies by Flixster is hailed as the best movie app for the iPod Touch. It’s not really surprising since the app has tons of great features to give you your movie fix. This app lets you view the top box office leaders, upcoming movies and new DVD releases, watch high quality trailer and video clips, view and manage your Netflix queue, buy or rent movies from iTunes, and more great features. (iTunes Link)

7. Bump (5 out of 5)


This is a pretty simple app, so simple that it lets you exchange phone information and photos just by gently bumping two iPods together and then confirming the exchange througha tap. That’s it and wait for the app to transfer whatever it is that you want to transfer from one iPod to another. The app was recently updated with extra features including friend compare, Facebook integration, and bump history. The last feature lets you see who, when, where, and why you bumped before. Sometimes the simplest app could also be one of the best iPod Touch apps. (iTunes Link)

8. TextPlus (4 out of 5)


Who could have thought the the iPod Touch can finally send text messages. There’s the iPhone to do that, right? But since the iPod and the iPhone are so much alike, so the only solution to enable text messaging on an iPod is by apps. TextPlus is one of these apps and possibly one of the best app that does this job. It lets you send text messages between iPod Touch and also between iPod Touch and iPhones or other regular phones. (iTunes Link)

9. TweetDeck (5 out of 5)


If you haven’t used TweetDeck as a Twitter client for your iPod, you’re missing a lot. This is possibly one of the best Twitter app for iPod Touch. It has all the features of the web-based Twitter service including multiple account support, multiple columns management for your account, auto-sync with your TweetDeck on desktop, is easy-to-use and has a nice looking interface and more. If you’re a heavy Twitter user, TweetDeck is the best choice for your iPod Touch. (iTunes Link)

Facebook (5 out of 5)


A top app list for iPod will not be complete unless Facebook is not included. Why? Simply because the Facebook app is possibly one the best examples of how a web-based service should be ported on a mobile device. This app is fast loading, has a nice interface and almost perfectly simulates what you can do on the Facebook website. It’s no wonder why its the best app available on the Apps Store right now. (iTunes Link)