My New 12 Best Apps For My iPod Touch

My  New 12 Best Apps For My iPod Touch
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A while back I wrote an article containing my list of top ten apps for the iPod Touch. Over a year has passed since that article and apps have come and gone on my iPod Touch, so I figured it was time for a new top ten list. As with the last article, none of these apps will be the preinstalled apps you get when you purchase an iPod Touch.

I am also going to try to mention apps that I have never mentioned before. So apps like the app, or the eBay app, or the USA Today app will not be on this list even though I use them on a daily basis.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, here’s the list of the best apps for the iPod Touch (in no special order):

Awesome Note ($3.99): Awesome Note is truly “Awesome.” It is my favorite notes/organizer program. You can create categorized folders to hold multiple notes, and back up to Google Docs or Evernote. The interface is beautiful and the app is extremely easy to use. This app has a lite version to try it out before buying.

2DO($6.99): Awesome Note has a todo list feature, but I prefer 2DO for my todo lists. It lets you have multiple lists at a time accessed by a tab down the left hand side of the screen. You can date your items or leave them undated. My favorite feature is how the app deletes the item from the list once you check it off. As with Awesome Note, the interface is beautiful. Like Awesome Note, there is a lite version of 2DO. Pro ($2.99): I used to have another app called Traffic on my iPod for traffic reports. It worked really well until it stopped working. That is when I searched for another program and found This app is even better. With a account you can save regular routes you take and monitor traffic on specific routes through the app. You can also choose to monitor specific roads or just get a general traffic report. This has a free version which is ad supported.


TweetDeck(FREE): There are TONS of twitter apps available. I rarely use Twitter for tweeting, but I follow a bunch of people and TweetDeck is the best app I have found for this. What I like about it is the ability to group the people you are following into columns that you create. This avoids the big long list of tweets you see in other apps.

AirVideo($2.99): I mentioned this app in my TV For Your iPod article and it is a must have if you have any non-purchased recordings on your Mac. It allows you to stream recordings from EyeTV, or other similar programs, right to your iPod. It works great.

MobileRSS for Google Reader($3.99): I used to be a NetNewsWire fan until the new version came out. I am not a fan of the new version so I started using MobileRSS. It is fantastic. It is featured packed, including the ability to sync with Google Reader. The one thing that I love is that Google Reader syncing works. Once you mark an item read it is marked as read in Google Reader. This was not happening with NetNewsWire and it drove me crazy to have read feeds appearing as unread feeds. There is a $1.99 lite version and a free version of this app.

The Rest of the Best Apps for the iPod Touch

Here are the rest of my selections for the best apps you can find for your iPod Touch.

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PasteBot($2.99): There are a lot of clipboard programs for the Mac that give you multiple clipboards. There are now a few for the iPod Touch also, and PasteBot is the best one I have tried. It instantly pastes what you have copied to PasteBot when you open the app for future cut and pasting. The interface is beautiful (again) and it is another very easy to use app.

1Password($4.99 with a pro version available for $7.99): I never thought I needed 1Password until I started using it. It is a great, and secure, place to store credit card numbers, account logins/passwords, and more. It works with or without the desktop version. I use it without.

Balance (FREE with in app purchase available for full version): I recently wanted a program to keep track of my spending. I found Balance and love it. The free version lets you have one account or list while the paid version (in app purchase) opens that number up to unlimited. It is a simple program. You enter purchases and deposits and it keeps a running balance for you. I liked it so much I bought the full version.

FluxtunesFluxTunes ($.99): I just got FluxTunes and it is going to be the new way I listen to audio content on my Touch. It is a player for all of your audio content that uses finger gestures to control audio, switching tracks, skipping tracks, and more. Instead of scrambling to find the right place to touch through the iTunes player FluxTunes uses the entire screen of the Touch. This is great for driving in the car and not taking your eyes off the road!

Arkanoid ($4.99): I cannot write this list without mentioning Arkanoid. I loved Arkanoid when I played it in the arcade and it is the best brick breaker game you will find. There are many copies out there, but nothing beats the original.

Word Solitaire ($.99): If you like word games and you like solitaire card games this is for you. It combines solitaire with words. You have a standard solitaire layout, but instead of numbers the cards have letters and you have to clear the cards by spelling words. Very addicting and challenging. There is a free version available of Word Solitaire to try it out before buying.

There you go. My new must have list of apps for your iPod Touch. There are others apps on my iPod, but these are the ones I use the most.

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If you know another best app for the iPod touch I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment so it can get checked out.