Managing Apps On Your iPod Touch in iTunes 9

Managing Apps On Your iPod Touch in iTunes 9
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More than one way to manage apps

Back in February I wrote an article explaining how to put apps on and off your iPod Touch through iTunes or through the Touch interface itself. With the introduction of iTunes 9, there is a new way to manage your apps in iTunes.

Just like before you go to the Applications tab when clicking your iPod in iTunes. However, this time the look is different and there are two ways to add and remove apps from the iPod.

First, you have the list. The list acts like the old list. You check and uncheck the apps you want on your iPod. However, there is one difference this time. The icon from the app is in the list. This is a great addition and the true purpose will be explained below. However, for me it has a second purpose. I always found myself going back to my apps library to match the app to the icon. I knew what the icon looked like for the app I wanted to check, but I didn’t know the name. Now I get both in one place.

Second is the new way to add apps to your iPod Touch. This is the ability to see the app screens on your iPod Touch being able to just drag and drop the app right to the iPod screen. This is where the icons come into play. You click and drag the icon over to the iPod Touch screen or page.

Once the icon is on the iPod Touch screen you can move it around to the location you want it to be in. You can also drag it to the screen you want it on. On the right hand side you’ll see a list of all of the app pages you have on your Touch. Just drag the app to the page you want it to be on. You can also start by clicking the page you want the app to go on and dragging the app right to it.

These new page views come in really handy for arranging your apps. Instead of doing it on your iPod you can do it right in iTunes. Another benefit of the page views is the ability to delete apps right from a page. If you mouse over the apps they will get the “x” that you see when you want to delete apps off the Touch directly. Clicking the “x” will remove the app from the page. When you sync it will remove it from the Touch.

If you want to start a new page of apps on your Touch just scroll down to the bottom of the page list. At the bottom you will see a blank and gray page. This page doesn’t exist yet. To activate it just drag and app to it. Like above, once you sync your iPod the new page will appear.

Don’t forgot to sync your iPod after making any of the changes mentioned above. p

This new way to sync apps on your iPod Touch is a huge improvement over the original way. It makes syncing apps to your iPod so much easier and even more user friendly. If you don’t have iTunes 9, this feature alone makes it worth the free download from

The New iTunes 9 Application Interface