Guide to iPod Touch Video Organization and Control

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iPod Organization

One of the things that makes iPod technology superior to that of other players is the organizational principles it follows. Instead of just arranging things randomly and without proper reference points it instead gives you a number of different ways to organize your media. This means that you can put together audio and video in all different types of arrangements, even beyond the obvious ones. Here are some tips for organizing your videos on your iPod Touch.

iPod Touch Videos

You iPod Touch already has a few different classifications that it will automatically place your synced videos in. These categories will often come simply from the ones assigned to videos in iTunes, especially those that were purchased and downloaded from the iTunes store. These can be broken up into things like Movies, TV Shows, and Video Podcasts. This will likely just be in the same list in the iPod Touch Videos section, yet under type specific headers.

Video Information

If you want to begin applying further organization to these iPod Touch Videos then you should start by making sure that the information about the each of the Videos is complete. This means that artist, type, possible album, and the rest needs to be complete as each of these categories is going to be an organizational mark. If a video that has been added to iTunes that was not purchased through iTunes you will have to add that information to the Video.

iPod Touch Video Settings

You are not going to have the same control for organization that you have with your audio tracks. Instead you are really going to have to jump in between type and title to find the iPod Touch Video that you will want to watch, yet the iPod Touch will still allow you to stay at a specific point in the Video when you leave from it and return. Though organization has limited control, you can still take the control and organize the pattern of your iPod Touch Video watching by affecting the iPod Touch Settings. Start by selecting the iPod Touch Settings from the iPod Touch desktop. Once inside Settings go down and select Video. Inside the iPod Touch Video Settings you will be able to set the return playing options, whether or not you want Closed Captioning on, if you want it kept at Widescreen, and what type of TV Signal you prefer.

iPod Touch Jailbreaking

If you want further organizational options you can either wait for an update in the iPod Touch Firmware or go ahead and jailbreak your iPod Touch. Though there are a lot of problems with iPod Touch jailbreaking, a jailbroken iPod Touch will likely still give you more control over Video organization.