Tips for Finding Free Wi-Fi Internet Connections for Your iPod Touch

Tips for Finding Free Wi-Fi Internet Connections for Your iPod Touch
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iPod Touch and the Wi-Fi Necessity

Since the iPod Touch does not have access to the 3G network you are forced to stick with W-Fi networks exclusively. If you want to use the

iPod Touch for its full functionality you will have to use wireless internet networks as much as possible. Though many people have Wi-Fi networks at their own home, either with a wireless router or broadcast from their Apple desktop, you still will have to try to find Wi-Fi networks to tap into when you are out of the house.

Turn on Wi-Fi

The first thing you have to remember is that your iPod Touch Wi-Fi function must be set to On at all times if you are trying to extend the possibility for wireless internet connection. Go into the iPod Touch’s Settings and select Wi-Fi, which is the top option. Simply make sure that the switch there is in the On position, otherwise you will not have connectivity.

Known Free Wi-Fi Locations

You first have to identify the locations that tend to have widespread Wi-Fi to begin with. Large universities and public buildings have been known to broadcast Wi-Fi widely, and many of them do not require passwords. Identify what large institutions are in your practical area and find out if they do require an account as these will likely have a signal that will go far beyond their exact location.

Identifying Free Wi-Fi Businesses

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For restaurants, bars, and coffee shops especially free Wi-Fi is almost standard. This new business model is used to drive in laptop and mobile device users inside, and these are probably your best spot locations to use your iPod Touch Wi-Fi feature. Finding these places can be difficult, which is why there are actually iPod Touch applications that will tell you what free Wi-Fi places are in your area. WiFi Trak (Find Free WiFi) from Bitrino, Inc is a good option that will tell you what networks are in the general area, if they are secure or free, and if their strength is acceptable. WiFi Trak does cost $0.99 and tells you all of the Wi-Fi information, not just basic information about free Wi-Fi networks for your iPod Touch. Free Wi-Fi Finder from JiWire Inc. is a great option that will tell you about actual businesses that have free Wi-Fi and exactly how far away they are.

Once Wi-Fi is Activated

Once you actually do find a free Wi-Fi connection you should make sure that you do almost everything you need to on your iPod Touch. This means that you should use this especially for downloading large applications and updating the rest, but overloading it is still going to limit your overall speed. This is also going to be limited if it is a public Wi-Fi connection such as in a coffee shop or university.


Source: Author’s own experience.