The Best MMO Text Based RPGs for the iPod Touch

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MMO Text-Based iPhone or iPod RPGs

The text-based iPhone and iPod Touch MMO RPG craze is one of the most consistent genres at the iTunes App Store. These free iPod Touch games continue to top the download lists as the months go by, often because of their constant update releases and attachments of free Respect Points or other types of cheat points. These text-based iPhone RPGs are often touted as perfect for the iPhone because creating a constant check back routine will render the best results and the iPhone has the constant 3G connection. This is not always true as most people have a consistent Wi-Fi connection at their home and either work or school, and this will allow several gaming updates over the course of the day.

iMob Online

iMob Online is one of the oldest of the text-based iPod Touch RPGs and remains one of the most popular. One of the reasons for this is that iMob Online constantly releases updates and free Respect Points packages, especially when they tie them in to other text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather. The Godfather also makes Jet Fighters, iKnights Online, Girl Wars Online, and the excellent Race or Die. The Godfather creates synergy between these games by releasing free weapons in the other games each time your download and install a free Respect Points package for iMob Online. This is true with free cheat points on the other titles in reverse for iMob Online.This means that if you begin keeping up on the other games you can consistently get free items and iMob Online Respect Points, allowing you to complete heavily in the game.

As for gameplay itself, it is standard text-based fair where you complete missions for money and experience, use money to buy weapons and property for investment, and add other players with an iMob Online Friend Code system. Since iMob Online has been around for quite a while you will find that iMob Online Friend Codes are just about everywhere online. iMob Online Friend Code message boards have made adding friends to iMob Online a relatively easy process.

iMafia III

PlayMesh is likely to be considered the most prolific and popular of all the text-based iPhone or iPod Touch MMO RPGs. Their formula for gameplay is slightly different as it forces you to buy mob members in the games with money instead of adding other players with Friend Codes, and it also makes you have a certain number of mobsters for controlling numbers of developed properties. Almost all of the PlayMesh games are alike in design, and all utilize PlayMesh Points.

The only real way to choose between the PlayMesh games are those that have a theme you will enjoy and enough traction and popularity to continue on into many sequels. iMafia III, the third generation of the iMafia series, is likely to be the best one as it has the longest standing tradition and the most free PlayMesh Points offered continuously. Heroes III also stands out as being a relatively unique and interesting title from the PlayMesh realm, and will also leave itself open to free PlayMesh Points. Just as with The Godfather you will find that you will get free PlayMesh Points in one game for updating another, which will really reward you if you play several of them.

Epic Pet Wars

Epic Pet Wars really stands out as something different in the text-based iPhone and iPod Touch MMO RPG design. With Epic Pet Wars you have all the features that you have come to expect with the other MMO RPGs, except now you have a host of other additions and an actual creature raising element. Epic Pet Wars will actually demand more of your time and you will have to spend a little more interest to get the learning curve down. Epic Pet Wars also uses a Friend Code system, so you could post your Epic Pet Wars Friend Code around the internet to get huge numbers of friends for strength in battle and the ability to complete high level quests. Epic Soldier Wars is also a comparable title.


One of the most over looked MMO text-based iPhone or iPod Touch RPGs is Famous, which was released awhile back and did not see the popularity that other titles did. Famous does much of the same things that the other games in the genre do, but models it around celebrity culture with more gameplay options and certain amounts of media satire. Do not expect it to be as easy to do things like add friends, but there are areas such as dance clubs where you can meet other players in a more intimate way.

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