Guide to Checking on Your iPod Touch Content

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Looking Inside

The iPod Touch is not as large in digital storage as the more conventional video iPod, and because of that you have to be a little bit cautious when adding media and iPod Touch applications. There are multiple uses for the iPod Touch and it is hard to itemize and know exactly what you have to choose. To do this you have to be able to know exactly what is on your iPod Touch at all times. This means that you have to be able to assess your iPod Touch even when you are away from your computer based iTunes account.

iPod Touch and iTunes

You can easily check on your iPod Touch by plugging it in to your computer and selecting it from Devices in iTunes. When you do you will get a “thermometer” bar that will show you how full your iPod Touch is and how much each type of content is taking up. From here you can also go ahead and hit media or content specific tabs to see what specific items you are syncing, and to get the ability to hand pick what you want to end up on your iPod Touch. This is especially important if you have more media in iTunes than you actually want on your iPod Touch. This is also a good way to go if you want to permanently delete some applications from syncing to your iPod Touch.

iPod Touch About

If you want to get a clear profile of what is in your iPod Touch, and what is going on with it in general, you can do this easily by first selecting Settings from the iPod Touch desktop. Once in the iPod Touch Settings go ahead and select About, which will be the entire top section. Inside the iPod Touch About page you are going to see the basic numbers about everything in your iPod Touch. This will list how many songs, videos, and photos you have in your iPod Touch at present. Below that it is going to tell you both the capacity of your iPod Touch, and how much you currently have available.

After this relevant storage information it will tell you the exact version you have, its series number, model number, and Wi-Fi address. All of these features can be very important when you get to more technical features of the iPod Touch or have problems with the device. At the very bottom of the iPod Touch About page will be a Legal option, and when you select it you just get a an over all Legal Notice about basic Apple iPod Touch rights. This is not going to be relevant to you on a daily basis.