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iPod Touch Utilities and Features

The iPod Touch prides itself on a set of functions that go far beyond video games and media. This means that along with the fun applications, it holds built-in features that are concrete utilities. One of the most central items on the iPod Touch’s list of utilities is the Calculator. Though the iPod Touch Calculator seems relatively simple, it has many aspects that increase its usefulness.

iPod Touch Calculator

The iPod Touch Calculator, which is a built-in application that you cannot delete, will be found right on your iPod Touch desktop automatically. When you open up the Calculator with the iPod Touch right side up you will see everything standard on a calculator, which includes all relevant numbers, functions, and memory functions. When you turn the iPod Touch on its side the motion sensor readjusts the Calculator and gives you a host of more options. This sideways turn allows you to turn your iPod Touch Calculator into a scientific calculator. This will now include an entire new set of options, such as exponents, calculus functions, logarithmic function, items used in modular arithmetic, and several others.

Saving Numbers

The iPod Touch Calculator is obviously useful, but it is especially so in that it saves the results in it until it is forcibly cleared. This means that you can enter numbers, do calculations, and they will stay there even after you close out the iPod Touch Calculator. You can then open it back up and the numbers will remain. This is perfect for going back and forth, which is common with the iPod Touch. This also allows you to go back and forth from iPod Touch applications or Safari to the Calculator as needed.

Other iPod Touch Applications

For most people the iPod Touch Calculator is not going to be enough for all calculator needs. The iPhone and iPod Touch App Store has dozens of calculators, both free iPod Touch applications and pay iPod Touch applications. Many of these iPod Touch calculators are more detailed than the built in one or industry specific, such as some for video production professionals or audio engineers. In this situation it is going to be best to go with a free iPod Touch application than a paid one as there are so many available.

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