Using Zune Family Safety Settings

Using Zune Family Safety Settings
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Zune - an introduction

There were days when even grownups don’t know what Internet was; however, things have changed. Kids of 3-years of age know what Internet is and know how to use a computer. There are kids who know how to play games both online and offline, draw on the system, etc. Let us discuss about using family safety settings on the Zune in this article.

Zune, what it is? It is an entertainment platform from Microsoft. Zune is considered a portable media player. What are the various uses of Zune software? You can rip CDs, access Zune marketplace and can manage your favorite music. Some distinguishing features of Zune include:

a. FM Radio

b. Subscription model

c. Zune social

As parents, you may be worried about the music that your kids will download using Zune. There are family settings using which you can do the following:

a. Restrict the download. Once this is done, your children can download music of their choice and can have their own collection of songs.

b. Restrict the way they purchase from Zune Marketplace.

Configuring family safety settings in Zune:

1. Ensure both you and your child has Windows Live IDs. As long as both of you have Windows Live Hotmail account, you need not create a new Windows Live ID else create one.

2. Parent account has to be created first. Create children accounts after you are over with your parent account. Never ever choose a nickname that will reveal your personal identity.

Creating parent account:

1. Download Zune software.

2. Welcome window will look like this: (Ref. Fig 1 – Zune Welcome Window)

Image Source: microsoft

Fig 1 – Zune Welcome Window

3. Click the option that says “Customize settings first.”

4. If you have Windows Live ID, sign in using it else create a new account. To create a new Windows Live ID, click here. The signup page will look like this: (Ref. Fig 2 – Windows Live ID signup page.)

Image Source: wiley

Fig 2 – Windows Live ID signup page

5. Choose a nickname so that you can use them in Zune Marketplace. These nicknames are often referred as Zune tags.

6. Click Next

7. Setup an account with Zune Marketplace.

8. Click Next

9. You have now successfully created a parent account for yourself in Zune.

Creating a child account:

1. Sign out from your parent account.

2. Now, sign in using the parent account you have created.

3. Does your child have a Windows Live ID? If yes, sign in using this ID else create a Windows Live ID for your child/children.

4. As how you created nickname for you, create nicknames for your child/children. Make sure the nickname doesn’t reveal your personal identity.

5. Click Next.

6. Fill the account details.

7. Click Next.

8. Approve the account. Zune will confirm the contact information provided.

9. Click Next

10. Parental account will now be verified by Zune with the help of your credit card information.

11. Fill in the required details. Click “Verify.”

Configuring the account(s) of your child(ren):

You have completed the process of creating accounts in Zune. You are now all set to configure the family safety settings.

1. After you click “Verify” as mentioned in the previous step, you will get a screen with two options. They are:

a) Allow or block purchase of premium content, which affects all purchasing in the Marketplace.

b) Allow or block explicit content, which is content that publishers have marked to indicate explicit material.

Ref: Fig 3 – Zune family safety settings

Image Source: zune

Fig 3 - Zune family safety settings

2. Click Next

NOTE: If you wish to change these settings during a later period, you may do so by signing using your Windows Live ID.

Voila…you have now created the family safety settings on the Zune.