Word Games For Your iPod Touch

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Get Your Dictionary Ready!

You might want your dictionary handy when you play some of these apps.

USA TODAY® Crosswords $4.99 There are a lot of crossword apps in the app store. I like the USA Today app the best. There are essentially an unlimited number of puzzles. You can download a new puzzle a day and you can download past puzzles that you might have missed. The best part of the app is the “Quick Cross” puzzle which is a mini crossword with four across clues and for down clues.

USA Today Txtpert $.99 for a limited time. Speaking of USA Today here is another USA Today game. Txtpert is a little difficult to explain and it took me a while to figure out, but once I did I got addicted. It is kind of like Sudoku meets crosswords meets something totally different.

Word Shaker $.99 for a limited time. Word shaker is a Boggle style game. You have a grid of letters and you drag you finger over letters to create words. A simple concept with a time limit to make as many words as you can.

WordSearch Puzzle $.99 for a limited time. From the makers of Word Shaker this is you basic word search. The nice thing is there are a ton of categories to choose from and 3 levels and sizes for each. I have put it on the hardest level since the puzzles were getting too easy.

WORD SPIN® $1.99 for a limited time. Word Spin is easily my current favorite word game. To play you have rollers with letters that you arrange to make what you think will give the most words when spun. Once the rollers are locked you spin them as a group finding words in the letters. You start with three rollers and add one in each round/ A lot of fun.

Wordle $.99 Wordle has been around for the Touch for a while and it is a great game. There used to be a collection of games for the Mac called After Dark Games (based on the screen savers of the same name). One of the games presented you with a bunch of letters and a blank list waiting for words you find in those letters. Wordle is the same basic game. You can even submit words to the developer not in the game’s dictionary that you know are words but aren’t in the dictionary.

There you go. A list of games to get your brain working and possibly increase your vocabulary with words you’ve never heard of. Post your favorite word game below.