Setting the Clock, Date & Time Settings on iPod Touch

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iPod Touch Life

The iPod Touch extends the use of the iPod concept and employs those of a personal device such as a PDA. With the iPod Touch you can help to organize your life and integrate many features and functions that would normally take several different devices. Inside the iPod Touch is a fully realized clock, as expected. What is different about the clock that is on your iPod Touch is that you set it to global time zones instead of being forced to identify the correct time and enter it numerically yourself. Here is a guide to changing the iPod Touch Time and iPod Touch Date settings, as well as working with the iPod Touch Clock.

iPod Touch Time Settings

Go to the iPod Touch Settings Option. Select the General Settings from the top of the third block, which is right above Music. Once inside the General Settings go down to the fifth block and select Date & Time, which is at the top and above Keyboard. Here you are going to have a few different options for the iPod Touch Date and Time. The first one is to select 24-Hour Time, which instead of just showing you the numerical digital time on the iPod Touch time displays it will list whether it is AM or PM. Below that is the second block with the iPod Touch Time Zone selections. Here you can select the right Time Zone you are in currently, and it changes without having to connect to the internet. Below that is Set Date & Time, which does the function that it says specifically. You will only really have to do this once and then it should be accurate after that.

iPod Touch Clock

On the iPod Touch desktop you should find Clock. When you select this the first tab will be World Clock, which will likely only display a single time at the beginning. In the upper right hand corner will be a button with a “+” symbol in it. Select this and you will be able to add another time to the list. Just search for the nearest town that can identify your Time Code and then select it. This will bring another one into the block list under World Clock.