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Checking Weather on Your iPod Touch

Since the iPod Touch is really just a mobile device with a focus on multimedia it is not surprising that the set of available features are based around the available informational and communication modes that people need. This includes web browsing on Safari, the ability to send and check emails, and even checking the weather. Here is a guide to the iPod Touch’s Weather feature.

Getting Into Weather

To get an actual Weather reading you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network on the iPhone. There will be a set Weather page that comes up on your iPod Touch without you having to direct it. This iPod Touch Weather page consists of the name of the town you are focused on, the current temperature, the day’s highs and lows, and a visual representation of the weather and sun position. Below that will be a six day forecast, including the current day. In the bottom left hand corner of the iPod Touch Weather page will be a Yahoo link to go to the Yahoo Weather page for that city. In the lower right hand corner of the iPod Touch Weather page is an “i” information link. That page will allow you to edit, or remove, the Weather pages that you have added. It will also allow you to decide whether your want Fareheit or Celsius temperature readings. In the upper left hand corner of this menu is a “+” button that allows you to add another city to your iPod Touch Weather list. Here you just search for a major city, and once you find it you simply select it.

The iPod Touch Weather reading come directly from Yahoo and are not affected by any of the date or time settings your iPod Touch. This is essentially a service that receives Yahoo weather service. There are more detailed weather applications available at the iTunes’ App Store for free, but if you just need a simple look at the weather then this is going to suffice. Unlike many of the other iPod Touch features there are no specific settings that you can alter for Weather in the iPod Touch settings section.

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