iPod Touch Photo Slideshow Settings

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iPod Touch Integration

The iPod Touch is a multimedia device that includes the use of the Photo section just as it does with Music and Video. The difference here is that these photos may very well be ones that you have taken yourself and you will want to browse through them and show others. Many of the iPod Touch’s Photo Settings are built around this model, and the functions inside the Photo feature that assists with this.

Setting Up the iPod Touch Photo Slideshow

You can select Photos from the lower iPod task bar on the desktop, where it sits in between Videos and iTunes. Here you have the ability to look at your album of Saved Photos, which can be anything from pictures you saved from Safari, those you have taken through screen shots, and some that you synced to your iPod Touch through iTunes. Once inside the Saved Photos album you will notice that there is a triangular “Play” button at the bottom of the screen. This to initiate the iPod Touch Photo Slideshow where it goes through each of the photos to display them.

Slideshow Settings

You can change how the photo slideshow feature works within the normal Settings area.. Select Settings from the iPod Touch desktop. Once in there go to the third section down and select Photos, which is under Video and above Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Each of these Settings options are under the heading Slideshow. The top option is for how long you want the photo slideshow to play each photo for. It is set at a default of three seconds, which is fairly adequate. You only really want to go one second up or down, otherwise the image will be too short to comprehend or will be so slow that it distracts the viewer.

Below that is the option to set what transition you want between slideshow images, which is currently set as Dissolve. You have a few others at your availability, but if you want it to remain unnoticed you may just want to stick with dissolve. The next two options are Repeat and Shuffle, which you can set to on or off. Repeat may not be a good one unless you think people will want to look over your iPod Touch Photos over and over again. Shuffle is alright as long as you did not arrange them in a specific order ahead of time.