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iPod Touch Data

Data comes constantly with the defaults that come with your iPod Touch. This data can only come via a Wi-Fi network because the iPod Touch does not have access to the 3G network, like the iPhone does. For most people this will mean connecting to your main home or work network and maintaining those connections for all the major time blocks that you are in those locations. While on that network all of your data, especially those that come from different applications and your email, will keep coming at you. This can be a problem when you are on a regulated network, or when it is bothering your iPod Touch usage. Here is a guide to altering the data push settings on the iPod Touch.

Wi-Fi, Fetch New Data, and Push

When you are at the iPod Touch desktop select Settings. In the top section, right under where you select and connect to a Wi-Fi network, select Fetch New Data. Right there before you even select you should see what type of setting this is on. The default is Push, so expect to see that. When you select Fetch New Data you will be taken to the data settings. Here you can put Push On or Off, which is what pushes the new data on your iPod Touch. If you turn it off then you will have to set a Fetch schedule, which will schedule in when information is going to be pushed on you. You can set for every fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, hour, or to do it manually. Most people that are going to set to Fetch are going to do manual. The reason is that if you are just going to have data fetched every so often there is no reason to turn data Push off.

Data Tips

To effectively use either the data Push or Fetch option you will have to maintain your Wi-Fi connection on your iPod Touch. In the iPod Touch Settings you will find Wi-Fi right above Fetch New Data. Select this and make sure that Wi-Fi is set to on. Below that will be available networks in the area. Make sure to find the right one that you will be able to stay connected to. Without committed connectivity many of the major functions will be rendered impotent to real use.