iPod Touch Apps for Your Toddler

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Let A Toddler Hold Your iPod?

I know, you think I’m crazy for letting my 18-month-old use my iPod Touch. First, he might use it for 10-20 minutes a week. Second, he doesn’t throw it or bang it. He sits in my lap and plays a game or two for a few minutes before he is on to the next thing. Third, he loves it.

My son has loved playing games on the iPod for awhile now (see iPod Touch Apps For Your Baby). They are a great distraction and a couple of the games are good for helping develop hand-eye coordination.

Enough with the explanation: here’s the apps.

The Apps

My son loves animals and most of these apps are animal-themed. The first two are like “See and Say” games. There is a spinner that spins around when touched and you hear the name and sound of the animal it lands on.

Farm Friends - See and Say Fun Game for Kids currently free. A great deal if you can get it free.

Animal Talk At $.99 this is well worth it.

Peekaboo Barn $1.99 Another great one that he loves playing. Basically the goal is to tap the barn doors and see the animal inside. The animal’s sound is also played.

Animal Fun Time! and Kids Animal Game $.99 for the first game and FREE for the second/ My son loves the second game. Four animals are placed on the screen and he is asked to find one of the four. If it is an animal he knows, he always gets it right! Here is the coordination bit. He has to be able to touch the correct animal with his finger. This first listing looks just like the second. Even the artwork looks the same.

Wheels on the Bus This is one of the non-animal favorites although it has animals in it. The classic tune is sung with interactive animations. If your child likes this one be sure to check out Old MacDonald by the same company. Both games are $.99.

More to come

So that is the current list of apps that my son is playing on my iPod Touch. I am sure the apps on this list will grow and age as my son gets older. The iPod Touch really is a great gaming platform for all ages.