Six Ways to Charge an iPod Without a Computer

Six Ways to Charge an iPod Without a Computer
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Different Ways of Charging an iPod

iPods have become commonly widespread so perhaps this is the time we should start using other methods of charging them. With many other innovative and better options available to power our iPods, why should we only stick to wall outlets? You can charge your iPod without plugging it into the wall and here are the best ways of doing it.

1. Solio charger

The solio charger gets power from sun or power mains to charge its battery. You can charge your iPod with Solio at almost the same rate as Apple iPod charger. The most amazing feature about this product is that it can store power to charge your iPod for the whole year! If you want 40 minutes of music, a charge of just one hour is enough.

2. Swing and charge


A gadget has been introduced for golfers that can not only prevent some injuries but also charges your iPod by extracting the kinetic energy of the swing. When the gadget is swung in the air a certain number of times, the power captured can be utilized to charge an iPod for a few hours.

3. Dance charge

This is something that one might not belie

Orange dancing charger

ve, but it is indeed true that Orange has revealed a belt with an integrated charger that generates power as you dance. The belt converts chemically fueled twitches into electrical current using the magnet and weight system. This current then can be used to charge an iPod during the dance.

The 4.25 x 2.5-inch, 180 gram elastic belt is great for frequent dancers who wish to charge their iPods during their dance routines or ceremonies.

4. iYo-yo charger

iYoyo has a small Lithium-ion battery inside that is charged during the play. What happens is that as the yoyo moves up and down, its Li-ion battery builds up charge. Once it is charged up, you can connect your iPod to it for charging.

5. Hand exercise charger

Hand Grip Charger for iPhone

Get more from your regular exercising activity. Charge your iPod’s battery when you are doing hand exercise with a gripper. This is a nice concept but you would have to be dedicated to your iPod to stick with it, while you do the exercise.

6. Mini Kin Green generator

You are on your way out and it is windy outside and your iP

Mini Kin Green Charger

od has run out of charge, so what would you do? Worry not because now you can charge your iPod with Mini Kin Green Generator, which uses wind energy to power your iPod. You can easily strap it almost anywhere such as your bicycle, arm, car, etc.