iPod Touch Apps for Your Baby

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Babies Like Games Too

A Company name 3Dal makes a bunch of apps geared toward the preschooler for only $.99 each. Their “PreSchool Adventure” was the first I bought for my 1 year old (when he was even 6 months). Here’s two that I have purchased:

Preschool Adventure ($.99) Is a series of games that teach color, animals, shapes, and more. My son loves pushing the buttons.

Preschool Music ($.99) This is brand new. Once again, it is a bunch of mini games in one title. These games all have a musical theme. My son’s favorite is the piano.

My son loves rattles and anything he can shake that makes a noise.

Kids Rattle ($4.99) is his favorite app on the Touch. Their are several rattle apps, but I think this is the best. It has a series of 4 categoris and 9 sounds in each category. The categories are transportation, animals, instruments, and comforting sounds. You pick a sound and shake away! Be warned: There is a “farting” sound for some reason. Why a baby app needs this, I don’t know.

My son is really into animals right now. Here are a bunch of animal apps if you have an animal lover in your family:

Across the Jungle (.$99) This is a very cool and unique app. You are presented with a 3D jungle world that you move through with your finger. As you go through you find various jungle animals. Touching the animal will animate them and play the sound they make. My son isn’t as impressed with the uniqueness of this app, but he likes it.

Baby’s Animal Show (.$99) This is a very simple app. You swipe through picture of animals in cartoon or photo mode. You touch the animal and hear its sound.

Bobble Zoo (.$99) Is another touch and hear the sound of the animal app. However, this one is a little different. The animal are bobble heads. You shake or tilt the iPod and the animal head bobbles. This app also has a lite version that you might want to test out first.

Another favorite thing my son likes to do is play with the phone. Kids Phone ($.99) turns the iPod into a toy phone. It has two modes: animals and transportation. The mode gives the phone a theme and pushing the button produces sounds related to the theme.

There you go. A few apps for your youngster for those daring like me who are willing to let your child play with a $300 toy. Just make sure you have a good case and a soft surface for him or her to play on. Have fun!