Must Have Apps For Your iPod Touch: The Apps You Can't Live Without

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Back in October I wrote an article called “My Top Ten iPod Touch Apps.” I still use many of those apps to this day, but there are even more that I would add to that must have list. Here they are:

Sportacular There are a lot of sports apps in the App Store that will give you sports scores on demand. I like Sportacular the best. It covers all of the major league sports, including soccer (MLS), and it has a lot of great features. Plus, it is FREE!

USA Today The USA Today app is also free, and gives you the USA Today newspaper at your fingertips. A great app.

Amazon Mobile If you are a frequent shopper at you’ll want this official app on your iPod, which like the others is free.

WunderRadio This app is $5.99 and worth every penny. WunderRadio gives you virtually any radio station on your iPod, even international stations. You can make a list of favorites and instantly be listening to your favorite radio stations (as long as you have a wifi connection). Every radio station in my area was available. This app is fantastic! Back to the world of free apps with If you are a fan of Leo Laporte and his TWIT network of podcasts you will want this app. It give you access to the TWIT live audio stream, the TWIT podcast videos on demand, and more.

What’s On TV? Want a free guide to your local/cable tv? This is the application for you.

QuickVoice If you have a second generation Touch you can use a microphone with your iPod to record audio. I like QuickVoice. It records and lets you send emails of the recording from within the app. It is free, and there is a pro version available for $.99 which allows you to send larger files.I might have to upgrade for $.99.

Time for some games

What’s an app list without games? Here are my current favorites.

Let’s golf! If you like golf games this is a must. Tiger Woods Golf is due out in the future, but in the meantime this is a full featured golf game. For $5.99 it is something you have to have.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2009 Sticking with sports, 9 Innings is a must have for the baseball fan. I would compare this to Real Soccer 09 for the soccer fan. This is a new app and it if a complete, fun baseball game for $4.99.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D Tower Bloxx is a simple, yet addicting game for the iPod Touch. It is a little pricey at $5.99 (I got it on sale), so you’ll have to decide if you want to buy it. There is a free version. Try that and you’ll probably get hooked like I did. The premise is simply stacking sections of a building to make cities.

Hero of Sparta Hero of Spart is a fun adventure game that reminds me of the Lord of the Rings games that were released with the movies. It gets rave reviews, and with good reason. I could not put the iPod down. It is well worth $5.99.

That’s the list for now. Of course, apps are released all of the time and with more apps comes more “Must Have” lists. Stay tuned…