Making an iPod Cover: Tutorial on How to Make Your Own iPod Cover

Making an iPod Cover: Tutorial on How to Make Your Own iPod Cover
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Making an iPod Cover

This homemade iPod cover is fairly simple and requires no skills whatsoever. The end result is a cozy iPod accessory cover for your music accessory. The efforts of making your own cover serves dual purpose: It is your creation to boast about and continues to keep your iPod looking shiny and new.

By the time you finish following the instructions below, your iPod cover will be ready to use.

  1. Take the iPod and trace an outline of the iPod on a paper. Draw the outline twice the length, twice the thickness and a flap. The outline width of your iPod must be the same width as the iPod and double the thickness. Cut out the trace of the iPod. The template should now be traced out on any felt of your choice.

  2. Wrap the felt around your iPod from back to front up till the center. Tightly secure the felt into place with pins.

  3. Take out the iPod classic (or other version you’re using) and readjust the pins properly in place. Make sure the felt template is the right size as your iPod is, not to tight but loose enough for the iPod to be slipped in and out with ease.

  4. Cut off extra felt that is not required. It would be best if you cut close to the pins. Do keep ½ inches distance.

  1. Now stitch both the sides and the bottom of your template and turn the cover inside out showing off the tidier side.

  2. You can use a different color felt to cover the iPod’s screen, the click wheel and a click wheel button. And then simply stitch them on top of your cover.

  3. Finally use an extra piece of flap and stitch half of it to the top end and snip the remaining part of the felt in the center. A button can now be placed at the bottom of the cover so the snip made adjusts snugly around the button stitched.

The end result is as unique as your iTunes library and to continue making your iPod stand out from the rest of the iPods (with zero investment) all you have to do is read further on and make use of my handy and effective tips below.

More Tips for Making an iPod Cover

  • You can make these iPod covers in different colors and change them every few weeks for a new look.

  • These would be great gifts for the holidays/birthdays/thank you presents.

  • Try out your entrepreneurial skills by making these, and selling them to friends and family.

  • Buy some funky felt that has a fun pattern on it, for some extra color!

  • Consider using Velcro or a button in place of the snap to keep from scratching the screen/surface of the iPod in the pouch.

  • Attach a button or brooch of your choice to add a personal touch! This is a beautiful cover that takes only a day!

  • You may be able to use the iPod cover to make an iPhone cover too. It is a multi-purpose pouch for the safety of your gadgets.

  • If you know how to knit why not weave an iPod cover that is truly one of its kinds and keeps your iPod safe and scratch free.

I have deliberately proposed an iPod cover that does not require a lot of craftsmanship so that everyone can indulge in this activity and take advantage of this unique idea to glamorize their iPod. So go on enjoy your weekend being a true craftsperson and stylize your iPod the way you want by giving it a unique look.

Image courtesy of Apple