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The Questions

I recently wrote an article with the questions my friends have been asking me about their new iPod Touches. (iPod Touch Questions and Answers)

Well, the questions keep coming, and that means it’s time for another article with answers.

Here we go:

How come my battery is draining while the iPod is off? If you are only tapping the power button, the iPod isn’t really off. It is in stand-by mode (for lack of better term). It is like putting a computer to sleep. To turn it off hold the power button until the power slider appears on the screen. This is a good idea to try if your iPod is running sluggish or you just installed a heavy duty game.

How many apps can I put on my iPod Touch? I don’t know for sure, but a colleague recently told me he maxed out at 148. it will depend on the amount of memory in your iPod Touch and the sizes of the various applications you install.

Do I need a case? No, but why not spend $20-$30 and give the unit a better chance of surviving a fall?

How do I use my Hotmail account on the Touch? I was recently asked this question, and after a little research I determined that you need to pay for the Hotmail premium account in order to have what is called POP Mail access. POP Mail is needed to access the account through Mail on the iPod Touch. I suggested that the person use Safari and access Hotmail that way, or get a different account (ie. Gmail).

Until recently that was the only solution. Now there is an iPod App that will allow access to HotMail. I have tried it, but it costs $9.99. Here’s the link: mBoxMail - Hotmail & Windows Live Mail.

Why can’t I get internet and email in my car like my friend with an iPhone? The Touch needs a wireless network to get the internet and email. The iPhone uses something called 3G or Edge which uses the internet over the cell phone carrier, allowing access to these features almost anywhere.

Can I use my iTunes gift card to buy music and apps through the Touch? Yes, as long as it is applied to the iTunes account you are using on the Touch and the computer. You can also redeem a card through the Touch. Go to the iTunes application and click “Redeem” to enter you certificate number.


I’m sure the questions will keep coming. If they do, I’ll be sure to pass along some answers to you. If you have any questions about your iPod Touch, send them my way. I’ll be happy to help out.

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