iPod Touch Questions and Answers

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The questions and the answers

Can I change the icons on my apps? Nope, what you see is what you get.

Can I change the background behind the icons? Nope, you’re stuck with the plain black.

Can I type emails in horizontal mode? Yes, sort of. There are several programs available in the App Store the let you type emails in horizontal mode. I like Easywriter. Easywriter comes in a free version, and a paid version with more features.

Do I have to buy apps from my computer? No. You can by apps from your iPod using the App Store icon. You still need iTunes and an iTunes account. When you connect to iTunes the apps you have downloaded will transfer to iTunes and your computer.

What if I delete an app from my iPod and I want it back? Just redownload from the App Store. Even if it was a paid app, you can redownload for free. You can redownload from the iPod or from iTunes (if it isn’t backed up in iTunes already).

If I bought an app while it was free do I have to pay to redownload it since it is no longer free? No, if you bought an app during a sale price or a promotion and it was free, you can still redownload for free.

Are updates free? Yes, updates are free. However, for some reason I can’t figure out, you will still get an iTunes receipt for the free updates you are going to download.

Can I delete YouTube and other preinstalled apps I don’t use? No. You are stuck with the apps that are preinstalled by Apple. I too wish you could delete some of these apps and get back some disk space. I never use YouTube or Google Maps or even the Clock app.

That’s it for now. If my friends send me enough questions for another article I’ll be sure to put one together to benefit even more people. Until next time…